I’m attempting to book one date for the above mentioned trio: ALVA.NOTON +
The open date is on 13.12.2010

Maybe it’s possible to get a grant or some money support from the French
Please read here some info:

Andy Moor based in Amsterdam , born in London , began his musical life in
> Scotland  is a full time member of Dutch Band The Ex and was a founding
> member of Scottish band Dog Faced Hermans and Berlin based Kletka Red ?.he
> has other projects with Yannis Kyriakides, DJ/Rupture, Terrie Ex, Paal
> Nillssen Love and Ken Vandermark and John Butcher.
> Anne James Chaton based in Paris, is sound poet. He has directed several
> reviews and has had six books of his poetry published by Al Dante. He is
> also co-director with the duo Kristoff K.Roll the festival of sound arts
> in Montpellier ‘Sonorities’. He has played with the Dutch experimental
> rock group The Ex, he has worked on the CD/LP ‘Unitxt’ of the german
> musician Alva Noto and he has published an album with the English
> guitarist Andy Moor (The Ex).
> Alva Noto (alias Cartsen Nicolaï) based in Berlin. It is one of the most
> representatives of the contemporary minimal electronic scene. Founder of
> the Berlin raster-noton label, he crosses the world to play solo or with
> the other musicians such as Ryoji Ikeda (cyclo), Mika Vainio, Thomas Knak
> (opto) or Ryuichi Sakamoto.

I would like to hear from you asap.


Alain Bolle



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