I’m offering you a trio that is available in September between 14th and 20th. ANDY MOOR (Dog Faced Hermans-The Ex), COLIN MCLEAN (Dog Faced Hermans). Andy Moor (guitar) / Colin Mc Lean (computer Colin Mc Lean and Andy Moor began playing together in 1984 in Edinburgh Scotland. Mc Lean uses real time sampling software to capture Moors guitar sounds « live » and combines this with his own massive bank of sounds …although Mc Lean began playing music with Moor as a bass player there is still a very strong connection and deep music familiarity between these two which can only have arisen from having played together for so long ..over 20 years …. Christine Sehnaoui, Saxophon Sehnaoui creates a personal language on how to make electronic music on an acoustic instrument. Far away from narrative or dramatic music, her music tries to deal with the relation between listening and the concept of perception, time and space. You can enjoy watching Christine Sehnaoui and Andy Moor performing as a duo on: I hope to hear from you asap. Alain


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