Booking Offer: FRED BIGOT

Dear all,

I’m arranging some dates for Fred Bigot in October and November 201O.

Please read the biography that follows and also visit this: +

Fred Bigot’s music is all related to the way he plays guitar – lo-fi,
noisy and improvised. Fred started playing in the late 80s, influenced by
obscure garage rock and psychedelic music. After moving to Paris the
results travelled over into two of his following projects « Stamp » and
« Boot Power » (1993), which featured a simple line-up of guitar and vocals
backed up by the rhythmic stomps of the singer’s tap-dance shoes. « Gonzo »
(1997) was a brief incursion into techno, helping Fred develop his use and
knowledge of exclusively electronic instruments and the drum-machine and
opening up a new realm of experimentation.

Returning to his guitar, sampling it and focusing on the melodic
attributes of beat, Fred developed the particular sound he is now renowned
for: distorted, melodic guitar riffs, unquantised rhythms, delay-heavy
vocals and buzzing rumbling bass drum have all become characteristic
features of Fred’s ongoing projects such as Electronicat and Melt Famas.

Fred has played in a variety of locations all over the world (Knitting
factory in New York, Belgrade’s Dis-patch festival and the Borderline
festival in Beijing to name a few). To date he has releases on diverse
labels (Holy Mountain, Disko B, Angelika Koehlermann, Onitor…) with his
productions being featured on numerous compilations (‘The Trip’, ‘The
Other Side of New York’…). He continues to collaborate with
international artists, musicians and choreographers.

I hope to hear from you as soon as possible.

Have a very nice Summertime.




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