I’m arranging some dates for Cindytalk.
They’re available between now and 15th December 2010.

Please get back to me if you’re interested in setting up a show for them.

Here’s a review of their latest cd:

Gordon Sharp’s Cindytalk returns with another new long-player for the
mighty Editions Mego imprint , a follow-up to last year’s The Crackle Of
My Soul. ‘Up Here In The Clouds’ might well be said to bear as close a
resemblance to ambient music as it does noise, and while much of the
record plays out as a slow influx of electronically cultivated texture –
largely divorced from the usual musical languages of pitch and rhythm –
there is an uneasy kind of prettiness to Cindytalk’s new sound. Making for
an enticing opener, ‘The Eighth Sea’ could either be based upon
undulating, watery field recordings or computer-generated waves of static,
or maybe both merged together in some strange electroacoustic broth. In
amongst the piece’s hypnotic motions a female vocal sample emerges
(sounding naggingly like those heard during DJ Shadow’s ‘Midnight In A
Perfect World’). It’s an enigmatic, slightly tense introduction, setting
up ‘We Are Without Words’, with its skewering drones, ear-tickling
interference signals and factory floor knocking sounds. ‘Guts Of London’
offers another immersive, heavily layered and abstract mix – the album’s
sonic properties are always to be admired, in fact, pieced together with a
thoughtful, craftsman-like skill. That’s not to say that Up Here In The
Clouds steers clear of the more confrontational end of noise music
altogether: ‘Hollow Stare’ lets loose with a compressed, piercing screech
of Daniel Menche proportions, while the throaty, trundling passages of ‘I
Walk Until I Fall’ are interspersed with Prurient-esque atavistic vocal
exclamations. Towards the close of the sequence, nine-minuter ‘Multiple
Landings’ brews up a doomy intermingling of glossy, metallic drones,
ratcheting up a general air of industrial dread. Any sense of ill will
disperses with the album’s closing two minutes (its title track) which
sound like a mournful fax machine bleating out a rather lovely melody.
Highly recommended.

Please also visit the band’s myspace.

I hope to hear from you asap.



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