Dear all,

From now on I’ll contact you on a much regular basis.
I’m offering this time DEMDIKE STARE. They’re available from late January
2011 onwards.

Please read this text and also visit their website so that you can listen
to what they sound like.

Brand new 60 minute mix CD from Demdike Stare, a follow-up to the
‘Osmosis’ mix from the start of the year* As we enter the darkest phase of
year, your trusted shamens offer an absorbing autumnal almanac.
‘Industrial Desert’ is a follow up to their ‘Osmosis’ mix CD, rifling
through their archives and boxes again to provide a kind of cryptic puzzle
for the deepest diggers, or equally a psilocybic collage ripe for picking
season. Their selections are as broad and esoteric as we’ve come to
expect, ranging from arcane folk fed through proto-techno wormholes, to
exalted krautrock and the richest jazz, all infected with deep vein drone
throbs and spores of mossy ambience, triggering imagery of hulking red
brick millhouses and valleys where the light arrives late and leaves
early. Their journey traverses a precarious path but we’re safe in the
knowledge that they’ve been here before and returned unscathed. Only just.
If you’ve had the pleasure of witnessing their semi-improvised live show
then you’ll probably feel a familiarity with some of the sounds here, but
they seem to be increasingly skilled with their creative looms, weaving
ever more intricate and arabesque patterns into their warp and weft…

Please don’t wait and get back to me asap.




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