I'm booking some shows in February 2011 for ?Alos

Please read te text that follows and also visit the artist's website:

This solo act is totally amazing and unique.

Please get back to me asap!!!!!!!!!



?ALOS ----Another world exists beyond ours, a world hidden inside every
mirror. A mirror image of ours, in which the people carry marks of
permanent memories that shape (also us) the characters and lives of
everyone. Signorina ?Alos is one of this world, she carries on her face
the scars of the injuries to the spirit of Stefania Pedretti. That is who
?Alos is: the alter-ego of Stefania, her mirror image. In the paintings of
Stefania Pedretti there are the women, the people of that world and across
them ?Alos has found the path to reach us since 2003.From than she toured
in Italy, Europe and U.S.A............. ?ALOS released "RICORDI
INDELEBILI” (2006)on Bar La Muerte, Precordings and Vida Loca records and
"RICAMATRICI" (2008) on bar La Muerte............ In 2006 she released her
video"Sola" shot by the artist Francesca Grilli, edited by Cristian Dondi
and with the actors ?Alos and Nicola Ratti (the camera enters ?ALOS’
kitchen and captures a private version of her performance).........
Stefania Pedretti plays also in OVO (with Bruno dorella) and ALLUN
SHOWS----NEW SHOW!!!!! PAGAN, ANCESTRAL DOOM: she play voice,guitar and
her long long hair all in a woman primordial mystery atmosphere.-------
?ALOS “one girl cooking music” (2003-2007) : in the performance, bound by
the topic of stealing private moments and making them public, Signorina
?Alos presents herself (to our eyes) as a lonely woman, unlucky, a
romantic and a dreamer, intent on preparing just one candlelight dinner.
While preparing dinner, ?Alos plays, using the unmistakeable voice of
Stefania,her personal guitar style and the splendid bases created
expressly forher by such artists as Mae Starr, DJ Tonnerre and Christian
Rainer. It is all with suprises, moments of profound sweetness,
tenderness, sadness and irony. All five senses are involved in this
performance: sight obviously, but also taste and smell (the dinner),
hearing (the music) and touch (Signorina ?Alos concludes the performance
by inviting a man from the audience, after having found him "handsome and
well-groomed", to share dinner with her. ?Alos usually presents itself
during Stefania Pedretti's personal exhibitions "Ricordi
Indelebili"(PermanentMemories)...........................------- ?ALOS
“one girl sewing music” (2007-2008) is a performance about emigration or
immigration and one of the classic, traditional and old female jobs: to
SEW. Millions of people move to other country to realize a dream and most
of them finish to do some horrible and not well paid job. ?Alos is one of
them, one of these women. She moved to a big city to become a “STAR” but
she became a little dressmaker, and work for a puppets factory in a dark
cellar. A performance for denounce a type of femele work and life living
of millions of woman in the past like today. In the concert,with music
create with Claudio Rocchetti,?Alos will sing,she'll play with the sew
machine and she'll make one of this puppets, the Brü,in a “retrò”, sweet,
funny and decadent atmosphere. After “one girl cooking music”,a
performance-concert about food, cook and the 5 senses, ?Alos,in this 2°
performances, tackle actual themes and problematics but that existed also
in the past like emigration,work exploitation,lost the dreams and an other
of the 5 senses: TOCH............................................... ?ALOS
"5/4 SENSES" (2008...): a performance about blindness, about losing one of
the 5 senses. ?Alos will play blind piano and voice.


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