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NOISE ADDICT playlist du 19.12.2010

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1/ Sun City Girls : « Spark Chuckle Mustard »
Valentines from Matahari (XS927N)

2/ Ze Revengers : « N’être humaine »
Compil « Los Angeles 2013 »
[2010-Taenia Solium]

3/ Diatribes & Barrry Guy : « Corrosion du possible »
[2010-Cave 12 Orchestra]

4/ Mystery Girls : « We’re so Illegal »
Incontinopia (XM984Q)
[2008-In the Red]

5/ Headwar : « Sick Mister »
Compil « Los Angeles 2013 » (aussi sur l’album « Son louche »)
[2010-Taenia Solium]

6/ Nikos Kandarakis : « Cloud 9 »
RadioWorm # 126

7/ Silver Daggers : « Run to fear »
New, High & Ord (XS369A)
[2006-Load Records]

8/ Pogomarto : « CRS »
Génération Tchernobyl

9/ Controlled Bleeding : « By the Drain »
Hog Floor (XC683J)
[1990-Subterranean Records]

10/ The Muffs : « Oh Nina »
Compil « She’s a Rebel » (X 795D)
[1997-Shanachie Entertainment Corp.]

11/ Anna Planeta : « Bleakest Tea Bottle » (extrait)
Anna Planeta (XA561I)
[2001-Betley Welcomes Careful Drivers]

12/ Hannah Bosma : « Stadsvogels »
Compil « Soundscape Amsterdam » (X 826R)


Noisy Crescendo playlist

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Figurent le label, le nom de groupe ou de l’artiste, le titre de l’extrait, le titrte de l’album ainsi que les références éventuelles du média au sein des collections de la Médiathèque.


1/ Ogun : THE BLUE NOTES : « Blue notes for mongezi ». TheO gun Collection. UB5853.


2/Inova : MAGGI PAYNE : « Fluid dynamics ». Artic Winds.


3/ Badabing : THE DEAD C : « Federation ». Patience.


4/ Innova : CHRISTOPHER BAILEY : « Nanosymph ». Immolation Ritual.


5/ Desire : IKE YARD : « Orange Tom ». Nord.


6/ Ltm : BLURT : « Pure scenario ». Cut It !


7/ De Wolfe : PETE WILLSHER/KEITH CHESHIRE : « Old park house ».

    Various-Kung Fu Super Sounds.


8/ Sargeant House : ZACH HILL : « Jackers ». Face Tat.


9/ Edition-Rz : HARLEY GABER : « The realm of indra’s net, 1974 ». Indra’s Net.


10/ Mille Plateaux : AMESTUB : « Old onscurity ». The Nothings Of The North.


11/ Innova : ANA played by EVE BELGARIAN : « Wolf chaser ». Reflections.


12/ Head : MICROFILM : « Devant nous, rien ». The Bay Of Future Passed.


13/ Harkit : VIVIAN STANSHALL : « Yelp, below, rasp et cetera ». Men Opening Umbrellas



14/ Southern Lord : BORIS & IAN ASTBURY : « We are witches ». Bxi.


15/ Musica Maxima Magnetica : M.J. HARRIS/MARTYN BATES : « The cruel mother ».

     Murder Ballads [Passages].


16/ Crammed : EL COMBO LOS GALLEROS : « Tabacco mascao ».

      Various-Arriba La Cumbia. MI5130.


17/ Ohm Resistance : SCORN : « Bear felt nowt ». Start Fires.


18/ Invada : DAVID WRENCH/BLACK SHEEP : « A radical song »/ Spades & Hues & Plows.


19/ Southern Lord : EARTH : « German dental works ». A Bureaucratic Desire For

      Extra-Capsular Extraction.


20/ Z6 : ANNE LA BERGE + LUKAS SIMONIS : « The bold ». Rust Fungus.


21/ Ministry Of Power : TEST DEPT : « Statement ». The Acceptable Face Of Freedom.  XT294G















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New Release on Holymountain: Mono Stereo

Utter obsession with a particular artist or style of music is, of course, something everyone’s familiar with… and should be fully in favor of. In the case of the Holy Mountain label, such obsession has lead to some quite amazing discoveries and reissues in the field of Japanese psychedelia, for instance, among other specialties. This release, too, is the result of obsession, and it’s been 10 years in the making. Holy Mountain’s head honcho JW was already raving about the vinyl-only 12″s of French « shuffletime » techno producer Fred Bigot a long time back. According to JW, Bigot’s electronic tracks were in fact utterly psychedelic. And so they were. Fuzzed out, raw and repetitive, hypnotic with their shuffle rhythms, never to be forgotten. It seems JW didn’t forget them either, and now Holy Mountain presents the 4 cuts from Bigot’s two 12″ singles circa 1999 and 2000 on compact disc, along with 4 more tracks, one of them from a 2001 compilation, the other 3 previously unreleased.

You may also know Fred in his ‘other’ guise of Electronicat. But while Electronicat provides a playful dose of glam, glitter and even rockabilly, featuring campy vocals and wah-wah guitars, these tracks are stripped down, minimalistic and heavier than thou, expanding the notion of stereo separation in unprecedented ways. On the original 12″ cuts, it’s all about the mesmeric shuffle throb, the distorted crunch and scrunch, the almost drone-like repetition. Definitely good headphone listening, or to be cranked LOUD on your home stereo. Some of the tracks here, not from the 12″s, aren’t even beat-oriented at all.


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New Music For Old Instruments – Residency of Jozef Van Wissem

Les Ateliers Claus invites Jozef Van Wissem into its house to explore the two seemingly different worlds of modern composition and early instruments. “New Music For Old Instruments” sees Jozef Van Wissem collaborating with several artists, all adding essential elements to an ongoing dialogue between the music of our times and the practices of old music, when there were less compositions, less detailed compositions and evidently: no recordings. Instead of recreating this early music, Jozef Van Wissem, along with some of the most relevant artists on this subject, look forward, appropriating old instruments for contemporary composition and playing techniques. – Les Ateliers Claus

FRIDAY, 10th of DECEMBER, 20:30
Lecture on the liberation of the lute by Jozef Van Wissem
Eric Cordier + Jozef Van Wissem
Keiji Haino + Jozef Van Wissem

SATURDAY, 11th of DECEMBER, 20:30
Vanshing Twins
Robbie Lee + Che Chen
Vanishing Twins + Jozef Van Wissem.
Heresy Of The Free Spirit

SUNDAY, 12th of DECEMBER, 15:30
Stef Heeren + Jozef Van Wissem
Stephan Mathieu + Caro Mikalef
Jozef Van Wissem

FRIDAY: 10€ / 12€
SATURDAY: 8€ / 10€
SUNDAY: 5€ / 6€

Order your tickets online, right here.


This concert will take place at BRASS, avenue van volxem 364, 1190 saint gilles. Click here for detailed info.


JOZEF VAN WISSEM is renowned for his ability to appropriate the Renaissance and Baroque lute in the context of contemporary experimental music.  By cutting and pasting classical pieces, reversing melodies, “medieval sampling” and adding processed field recordings, Jozef is able to bridge the language of 17th century music with the music of our times.

KEIJI HAINO is a legendary Japanese avant garde artist and rockstar who collaborated with an infinite amount of artists: John Zorn, Fred Frith, Jim O’Rourke, Faust, … The sheer volume of his guitar playing, added to the astonishingly raw emotion of his vocals, creates a clear impression that one is witnessing the closest rock equivalent to primal scream therapy.

CHE CHEN & ROBBIE LEE are Brooklyn based multi-instrumentalists who have been steadily developing their unique approach to free improvisation over the years.  Using a constellation of instruments, they create earthly, slow moving improvisations that are informed as much by folk traditions as they are by 20th century music.

ERIC CORDIER was born in 1963, now living in Paris. As an improviser, he plays a singular instrument: hurdy-gurdy in connection with electronic processors. As a composer he is known for his various electro-acoustic tape music pieces.

VANISHING TWINS is the project of Jeanne Madic, encompassing a fusion of experimental folk and abstract modern classical compositions.

STEF HEEREN is the central figure of Kiss The Anus Of A Black Cat, a band which brings dark & looming dronefolk, often referring to medieval times both in instrumentation as in its grimy lyrics

STEPHAN MATHIEU & CARO MIKALEF will present the audio part of their installation ‘Constellations’ which debuted at sonar 2010. Constellations is a piece for 2 renaissance claviers dedicated to the work of Antonio de Cabezón, Spanish Renaissance composer.

NOISE ADDICT (playlist du 05/12/2010)

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/ For  a few (MORE) Decibels I

2/ OREN AMBARCHI + JIM ‘OROURKE + KEIJI HANO: »Tima Formosa 1″. Time Formosa. 2010 Black Truffle. XA418X

3/ For  a few (MORE) Decibels II

4/ ZOL + LEOS ATOR: « Piste 1″. Various-4 Pistes. Burbaki – 2004. X 311M

5/ JASON KAHN: »TimelinesLos Angeles ». TimelinesLos Angeles. 2009 – Creative Sources. XK017X

6/ For  a few (MORE) Decibels III

7/ TV GHOST: « Paradigm ». Tv Ghost. 2009 – In The Red. XT922K.

8/ JAPANDROIDS: « Couture suicide ». No Singles. 2008 – Polyvinyl. XJ254W

9/ THE FALL: « Chono ». Your Future Our Clutter ». 2010 – Domino. XF090A

10/ For  a few (MORE) Decibels IV

11/ ALAN LICHT + AKI ONDA: »Ship Shape ». Everydays. 2008 – Family Vineyard. UL5996.

12/RLW / TITO: « Geschissen ist nicht gemalt ». Mahlzeit. Hinterzimmer – 2007. XR672N

13/ For  a few (MORE) Decibels V

14/ MIKE SHIFLET & DANIEL MENCHE: « Untitled ». Stalemate. Sonoris. XS299H.


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I’m booking one date for Anne-James Chaton and Andy Moor.
They’re available on 5th February 2010.
Please read this and also visit:

I hope to hear from you asap.



The music on this one comes from Andy Moor who plays guitars and
electronics. The voice is that of Anne James Chaton who is responsible for
all the texts. Of both Moor probably is the most known artist. He comes
from Scotland, but lives and works in Holland since the early 90s, making
fame as a member of Dog Faced Hermans, The Ex, a.o. Anne James Chaton is a
sound-poet from France. You can buy six books of his poetry if you want.
He worked with The Ex and recently he released a CD together with german
musician Alva Noto. Presently he lives in Japan working on a project with
local artists.

« Le Journaliste » consists of 8 pieces. It is part of a project, initiated
by Chaton, that will lead to a series of 100 portraits. « Le journaliste »
confronts us with the work by a single journalist through his texts and
columns. Chaton choose texts with a very trivial content. For some pieces
he uses a long sequence of sentences with minimal informative differences.
All this makes clear that Chaton is not much focused on meaning. He
clearly points at the emptiness of journalism, questioning this way the
meaning of this kind of journalism. In the titletrack, « Dans le monde » and
other tracks we hear the voice of Chaton working himself with great
discipline through these texts. In other tracks his voice is
electronically manipulated.

Most pieces carry fine repetitive guitar work by Andy Moor. He succeeds in
building stripped down and effective musical structures. Besides Moor has
a beautiful sound and his playing is very to the point. He paints
fantastic abstract musical textures that go very well together with the
voicework by Chaton. In a piece like « Frequencies » with extreme
manipulations, it becomes hard to distinguish who is doing what. A very
satisfying work of conceptual art, impressive by the consequence they
worked out their vision. Well done.

Playlist Noisy Crescendo 31.10.2010.

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Figurent le label, le nom de groupe ou de l’artiste, le titre de l’extrait, le titrte de l’album ainsi que les références éventuelles du média au sein des collections de la Médiathèque.

1/ Galerie Neu : FLORIAN HECKER : « Neu ext ». Neu Cd. XH403V

2/ Wallace Records : BACHI DA PIETRA : « Andata ». Tarlo Terzo. XB017U

3/ Entracte : TOMAS KÖBER/RALKF WEHOWSKY : « Lead deal ». Walkûren Am Dornrenbaum. XK734I

4/ Subrosa : GOTTFRIED MICHAEL KOENIG : « Funktion orange ». Various-Institude Of Sonology 1959-1969. FA4086.

5/ Die Schachtel : CATHERINE CHRISTER HENNIX : « The electric harpsichord ». 
    The Electric Harpsichord./

6/ Pogus : GEN KEN MONTGOMERY : « Mx extraordinaire ». Birds + Machines.

7/ Innova : HARLEY GABER : « I saw my mother ascnding Mount Fuji ». I Saw My Mother
    Ascending Mount Fuji.

8/ Entracte :  CINEMA INVISDIBLE:  « Untitled ». Filip/Zwitserland.

9/ Samadhisound/ DAVID SYLVIAN : «Transit ». Sleepwalkers. XS988P.

10/ Syllart : MANDEKALOU : « Nare Manghan [soundtrack]. The Art And Soul Of The Mande
      Griots. ,ML6412.

11/ CBS : FRED ASTAIRE : « A foggy day ». Starring Fred Astaire [a CBS years Series Release].
      UA8682 .

12/ Lo Recordings : SUSUMU YOKOTA : « Patinated room key ».  Kaleidoscope.

13/ Tzadik : MAKAMI KOICHI : « Prrr ». Kedartache ; Xk669T.

14/ Raster-Noton : ALVA.NOTO  & BLIXA BARGELD : « I nwish I was in a mole in the ground –
      Extended. Mimikry. XA401J

15/ Les inrockuptibleds :l BOB DYLAN : « The times they are-a changing ». Various=Les inrockptiibles – Une Rentree 2010, vol. 2
16/ Raster-Noton : « SENKING : « Skidozer 301 ». Pong.

17/ Pica-Disk : KEVIN DRUMM : «Blistering staticks ». Necro Acoustic.      XD894P.

18 Avant: ANDY HAAS WITH ANTHONY COLEMAN ; « Burial cave ». Anrheim Land.

19Emanen : FURT : « Solution b ». Equals. UF9582 ;

20/ Crass : CRASS : « Punk is dead ». Feeding Of The Five Thousand. XC814A

21 Innova : BETA COLLIDE : «Yellow ». Pss…Psst.

22 Document : EDNA JOHNSON : « A woman gets tired of one man all the time »/
     Various-Blue Girlls, vol.1 ; K 1528.

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1050 Brussels 5
tel: 32 473 93 40 28