New Release on Holymountain: Mono Stereo

Utter obsession with a particular artist or style of music is, of course, something everyone’s familiar with… and should be fully in favor of. In the case of the Holy Mountain label, such obsession has lead to some quite amazing discoveries and reissues in the field of Japanese psychedelia, for instance, among other specialties. This release, too, is the result of obsession, and it’s been 10 years in the making. Holy Mountain’s head honcho JW was already raving about the vinyl-only 12″s of French « shuffletime » techno producer Fred Bigot a long time back. According to JW, Bigot’s electronic tracks were in fact utterly psychedelic. And so they were. Fuzzed out, raw and repetitive, hypnotic with their shuffle rhythms, never to be forgotten. It seems JW didn’t forget them either, and now Holy Mountain presents the 4 cuts from Bigot’s two 12″ singles circa 1999 and 2000 on compact disc, along with 4 more tracks, one of them from a 2001 compilation, the other 3 previously unreleased.

You may also know Fred in his ‘other’ guise of Electronicat. But while Electronicat provides a playful dose of glam, glitter and even rockabilly, featuring campy vocals and wah-wah guitars, these tracks are stripped down, minimalistic and heavier than thou, expanding the notion of stereo separation in unprecedented ways. On the original 12″ cuts, it’s all about the mesmeric shuffle throb, the distorted crunch and scrunch, the almost drone-like repetition. Definitely good headphone listening, or to be cranked LOUD on your home stereo. Some of the tracks here, not from the 12″s, aren’t even beat-oriented at all.


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