ALAN VEGA AND MARC HURTADO might perform together again in the future.
They’ve just released an album called Sniper.
Please read this review and also visit:

I’m collecting any idea to make it happen.

I hope to hear from you asap.


“Sniper” is the result from the common efforts of Marc Hurtado (Etant
Donnés, Sol Ixent ao) and Alan Vega (Suicide). It’s not a statement to say
that “Sniper” is the meeting between two living legends from the electro-
& industrial underground scene. Both artists already worked together on
the “Re-Up”-album from Etant Donnés released in 1999.
“Sniper” is much different and even appears to be a real surprise!
“Sniper” is Marc Hurtado composing all music and Alan Vega on vocals. The
composition is rather unexpected as M. Hurtado composed a kind of
electro-industrial sound, which is minimal. The sound color appears to be
dark. A. Vega sings in his unique and usual style. He’s adding a punkish
touch, which we all discovered into Suicide. I can’t really say that
“Sniper” sounds club-like, but most of the songs are quite danceable. Marc
Hurtado used different loops. The song structure sometimes sounds rather
repetitive, although always enjoyable. Alan Vega’s vocals inject a real
spirit to the compositions, and the music and vocals are in total harmony
with each other.
I was impressed by songs like “Bang Bang”, “Juke Bone Done”, “Fear”,
“Sniper”, “Crisis Cross” and especially “Crazy Driver”. “Crazy Driver” is
a real masterpiece in minimal electronics. The song emerges from the
tracklist for its heavier rhythms while Alan Vega is singing in a furious
“Sniper” also features a few experimental tracks. The most noticeable song
in the genre is “Prison Sacrifice” featuring Lydia Lunch. We here can
speak about an amazing apotheosis featuring three great artists who all
got a serious impact on the underground scene. It’s not my favorite song,
but it’s an essential song for the duo performance of Vega and Lunch
singing together.


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