Hi, I’m arranging some dates for ESHA BANDYOPADHYAY. She’s available from 9th September onwards. Please read the biography that follows and also click on this link to hear how she sounds like: I would like to hear from you asap. Regards. Alain Profile:Esha Bandyopadhyay, based in Kolkata, India, has emerged as one of the well known performers of Indian Classical Vocal Music. Born and raised in a family noted for its contribution to the world of art, Esha, even as a child of nine, showed a natural inclination to Music. A creative family atmosphere and a melodious voice found Esha effortlessly assimilating initial lessons from her mother painter Maitreyi Banerji. Later, intensive training under reputed masters moulded Esha’s musical personality. Ms Krishna Dasgupta–the leading disciple of Sangeetacharya Tarapada Chakrabarty and Ustad Ameer Khan –grafted on her the subtle nuances of Khayal, Thumri and Bhajan. Esha’s musical pursuits are not merely confined to classical music. Training in Nazrulgeeti and Ragpradhan under Shri Biman Mukherjee has enriched her repertoire. Esha’s performances in the last 15 years for various organisations including Sutanuti Parishad, Salt Lake Music Conference, Bhowanipur Sangit Sammilani, Jhankar Music Circle, Sri Aurobindo Institute of Culture, Govt College of Fine Art & Crafts, ABC Academy, Varanasi, the ICCR, Calcutta, have been marked by serious music-lovers and critics. She has also performed for Calcutta Television. International Arena Teaching Music Offering to share her musical talent with aspiring students, she founded ‘SHAILI’–an academy of Music, Dance, Painting & Crafts. As principal and Vocal Music teacher, she has contributed significantlty to the growing reputation of SHAILI. Esha has also been teaching enthusiastic students abroad. Academic Qualifications Esha is a Master of Arts in Comparative Literature from Jadavpur University, Kolkata Some Noise asbl C/O Alain Bolle PO BOX 43 1050 Brussels 5


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