I’m booking some dates for MIND OVER MIRRORS in

Open dates are on: 2nd, 4th nad 15th September.



Please read this review and also listen to these
beautiful tracks:


Excellent album of head-melting drone and Kosmische made
on an Indian Harmonium and recorded to tape – available on vinyl only in an
edition of 450 copies for the world* “Digitalis introduce the Mind Over Mirrors
alias of Jaime Fennelly (Acid Birds/Peeesseye/Manpack Variant) with the endless
Harmonium drone topologies of ‘The Voice Rolling’. Five years since his
previous solo outing, Jaime expresses timelessly primal yet elevated intentions
over seven densely layered vistas of raga-scaling heights and hypnotically
seductive bass undulation. All the sounds were sourced from a medium-sized
Indian Harmonium and then processed electronically via tape echo, harmonizer
and other guitar pedals, diffusing the instrument’s potential into a a grittily
textured and dense spectrum of uniquely frictional drone spirits. This
celestial flight departs at ‘Brickfelder’, ascending gradually through
harmonized clouds of metallic-fragranced tones, almost bitter and gritty, but
calcifying into something quite naturally majestic.


As XXJFG eulogised, next track ‘You Ain’t Reeling’
reveals itself like “Some drumless-techno-titan stalking the sand blasted
bazaars of a near future”, amping the Harmonium to excoriating, almost
face-melting levels of grandeur, before drowning in the abyssal subsidence of
‘Coaling’ and being ecstatically extruded through the labyrinthine repetition
of ‘Barely Spun’. After a pause to flip over, ‘Point Hammond’ rolls into view,
tracing a long, linear path across the plains of primitive American blues to the
amp worship of Sunn 0))) and Barn Owl’s narrowed-eye gaze, following the course
of shimmering, coppery overtones through the landscape to the delta of ‘Round,
Around’, and bathing in a more joyous flow of tones like the expressions of the
Sacred Heart singers reverberating a mass of ecstasy to the Ganges. ‘The Voice
Rolling’ is overflowing with emotion that you don’t normally find in many
drone/Kosmische records, and a visceral affirmation of life itself.” – Boomkat


I would like to hear from you asap.






Some Noise asbl

C/O Alain Bolle


1050 Brussels 5


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