Dear all,

I’m booking some dates for the French band PNEU.
Two open periods. From 28th to 30th November or from 4thy to 6th December.
ALBUM DOWNLOAD # PNEU « Highway To Health »

Please find here a biography and also some links you can click on.

Sometimes a shitty band comes to town and they need support from a local
act so they can get their money’s worth. In 2006, two highly respectable
dudes got together to serve that purpose and PNEU was born. After a just
little over 300 shows around Europe (France, UK, Germany…) and North
America (US, Canada) opening for the likes of No Means No, Envy, Oxbow,
Converge… and their first album « Pince Monseigneur », a split 10″ (with
Nervous Kid) and a double split (with Marvin, Papier Tigre, Electric
Electric) ; A lot of people started to recognize them on the street as
celebrities of the Post – math – acid- noise – would you have a blanket
by any chance? – Trash scene.

This is very easily understandable due to the fact that PNEU is made for
the masses, 25 minutes of essential groove and energy for your listening
pleasure only.
The reason why no other band lets them use their gear is because the
French duo beats the shit of what used to be called drums and guitars. I
hear you coming with your Ligthning Bolt and Hella, so what? PNEU has a
powerful melodic approach that will instantly appeal to both
connoisseurs of the MUSIC and even kids making their way through

For the past three years, PNEU has toured a lot with some friends and by
themselves. They recently made a quick stop to lay down the tracks to
their second album in Salem (US) with Kurt Ballou from Converge. Godcity
studios suit PNEU perfectly and the X tracks make one hell of a album,
wonderfully aggressive and extremely inventive, « Highway to Health » is
definitely the shut the fuck up record of the new decade. Behold, ladies
and gentlemen ».

I hope to hear from you ASAP.




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