I'm booking some dates between 1st and 15th December for the duo WINTER
FAMILY. They have just released their second release for Sub Rosa.

Please click on this link to hear what they sound like and also read this

Winter Family is a duo from Jerusalem and Paris. Ruth Rosenthal & Xavier
Klaine met in Jaffa on 2004 and live and work together since. Xavier
develops layers of folk drones with his philicorda, harmoniums, pipe
organs, celesta and a
piano, while Ruth Rosenthal chants her poems and plays the drums into a
mystic universe filled with political sadness and
dark romanticism. Together they might depress you seriously.
They have been recording and playing live in clubs, theaters & churches
around Europe and Israel. and worked with many choreographers,filmmakers,
photographers and visual artists.

Their debut album was out on 2007 at Subrosa was followed by a LP version
on 2008 at Marienbad. And was well received by critics.

Winter Family currently resides in Crown Heights, the Haitian neighborhood
of Brooklyn. They record their third salsa album and complete the english
version of 'Jerusalem Cast Lead’ a documentary theater performance (the
french version was performed for the first time at 104 in paris on june
2011 and won the Jury Prize of Impatience Festival).

'Red Sugar', their new album was released in summer 2011 on a double LP
version at Altvinyl (Newcastle). The CD version is available worldwide on
Sub Rosa (Bruxelles) and on Ici d’Ailleurs in France.

“Red Sugar is our second album.
Four years have passed since the first.
Red Sugar is the apocalyptic report of four years of a group, a couple, a
family, friendships and farewells.
This album combines the two worlds that we have lived through during this
The world around, saturated, incarnated by Jerusalem, the city that is
sick by his men. And the other world, a family, the birth of a daughter
and isolation in a farm where donkeys proudly vantilate the valley.
Some friends joined us here and there:
Norsola Johnson (Gospeed You Black Emperor!) Cello, Olive Robert (Women &
Children) cymbals, Olivier Demeaux (Cheveu) organ, Pepe Perola (Olivier de
St Max) to the snaredrum, Sylvain Favre (Chkrr) Violin Fabien Lehalle on
the bass and beyond”

'Red Sugar', 12 tracks, 69 minutes of blood and joy, was recorded and
mixed at TCI of Paris, at Jean Rochereau’s farm
(les Ruelles) in the Streets in Jerusalem (field recordings) at St Martin
de Maxéville at Omaha Beach and elsewhere
between 2007 and 2010.
It was mastered by Patrick Klem in Chandler, Arizona.
The artwork is by Franz Vesolt.

I would like to hear from you asap.




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