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NOISE ADDICT (playlist 18.12.2011)

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1/ Keiki : « A Woman's Love »
Split vinyl 10 pouces avec Bee and Flower/
Split vinyl 10 inches with Bee and Flower
[2011-Cheap Satanism Records]

2/ For a Few (More) Decibels I

3/ Noise Makers Fifes : « The Ideology of Absurd »
Cruelty Has a Human Heart

4/ Tricot : « Impro 1 »
RadioWorm # 136

5/ For a Few (More) Decibels II

6/ Antez : « 2 Tibetan Cymbals »

7/ For a Few (More) Decibels III

8/ Andy Moor & Yannis Kyriakides : « Haremi »

9/ Drain Pump Booster : sans titre/untitled (plage/track 4)
Drain Pump Booster
[ca 2004-autoproduction]

10/ For a Few (More) Decibels IV

11/ Anne La Berge & Lukas Simonis : « Don't Let Frank Jump »
Rust Fungus
[2010-Z6 Records]

12/ For a Few (More) Decibels V

13/ Les Suce-Pendus : « Femmes fontaines »
Mort à l'hôpital

14/ For a Few (More) Decibels VI

15/ Dickson Dee : « Air »
Compilation « Noise : Various Artists »
[2010-Mnóad & (Sic)]

Alain Bolle & Stéphane Pastor



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Dea all,

I’m booking some dates for BETONFRAKTION.
They are available from early May 2012 onwards.

Please find here a biography + some links:

Bandmembers of Betonfraktion are Frank Crijns (guitar), Maartje ‘Marzj’
Simons (drums) and Nick J. Swarth (voice ‘n’ noise). A composer, a drummer
and a poet. One doesn’t need a whole lot of imagination to realize that
this partnership is out of the ordinary. This Fraktion aims to research
sound textures. Noises, voices, rhythms and the sonic vibes of a distorted
guitar are part of the experience. If that sounds abstract and all but
intriguing, be assured that the band’s goal is an inflammable cocktail of
partly structured, partly improvised energy. But in the end the band is
about rock. And roll, if you wish. Never a f*** dull moment.
If you are the kind of person that needs labels, try ‘postrock’ or
‘progpunk’ for size. In 2010 the Fraktionistas supported Dutch progrockers
Kong. Betonfraktion is streetwise. All the more, not to say mostly because
the street is were we find our lyrics. Not meant to be a metaphor, this.
Swarth picks up scraps, literally. Hastily written scrawls, love poems,
snorters, you name it. No matter how filthy they look. There’s no sense in
discriminating rubbish! By using these texts the band builds a soundscape
of an imaginary metropolis.
Betonfraktion’s first album was released on October 15th 2011. It’s called
‘Snake Nation Cropduster’. It’s on vinyl!

I hope to hear from you asap.

This is my last offer in 2011.

I will start bombing you out again from 9th January 2012.

Happy New Ears.


Some Noise asbl
C/O Alain Bolle
1050 Brussels 5


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I’m booking some selected dates for Ellen Fullman.
She’s available between 26th February and 11th April and also after 4th
June 2012.

Please find here a bio:

You can find extra info on:
and how the set is:

In 1981 Ellen Fullman began developing the “Long String Instrument,” an
installation of dozens of wires fifty feet or more in length, tuned in
Just Intonation and ‘bowed’ with rosin coated fingers. Fullman has
developed a unique notation system to choreograph the performer’s
movements, exploring sonic events that occur at specific nodal point
locations along the string-length of the instrument. She has recorded
extensively with this unusual instrument and has collaborated with such
luminary figures as composer Pauline Oliveros, choreographer Deborah Hay,
the Kronos Quartet, and Keiji Haino. She has been the recipient of
numerous awards, commissions and residencies including: DAAD
Artists-in-Berlin Program residency, Japan/U.S. Friendship Commission/NEA
Fellowship for Japan, Meet the Composer, Reader’s Digest Consortium
Commission, Artist Trust/Washington State Arts Commission Fellowship, and
artist-in-residence at Headlands Center for the Arts. Her music was
represented in The American Century; Art and Culture, 1950-2000 at The
Whitney Museum, and she has performed in venues and festivals in Europe,
Japan, and the Americas including: Instal, Lincoln Center Out-of-Doors,
Other Minds, the Walker Art Center and Donaueschinger Musiktage. Her
release “Ort”, with Berlin-based collaborator Jörg Hiller, was selected in
the top 50 recordings of 2004 by The Wire (London) and “Fluctuations” with
trombonist Monique Buzzarté on Deep Listening was included in the Wire top
50 of 2008.

I hope to hear from you asap.




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Dear all,

I’m booking some dates for BLUE DAISY.
Availability from mid April 2012 onwards.

Please read a review of the BLUE DAISY last album.
Click also on this link:

Blue Daisy doesn’t do « light. » The few singles that the London producer
has released over the past two years have sounded anything but, with
disjointed rhythms rubbing up against queasy tones and deep pockets of
echo. Not that his music is joyless– if you were captivated by 2009’s
collaborative single with French vocalist LaNote, « Space Ex », following
the breadcrumbs he’s dropped since has been a heady pleasure. But his
music is geared toward dark landscapes.

Last year’s single with vocalist and frequent collaborator Anneka,
« Raindrops », featured a remix of the title track from Spanish psychedelic
house wiz John Talabot; like most Talabot re-works, the remix was
outstanding, but it also sounded as if he were forcing his own style on
the original’s liquid gurgles and irregular beat. Some in the UK beat
scene work with difficult, self-set parameters– Pearson Sound’s brittle
woodblock accents and Blawan’s hard-as-nails acid patterns both
immediately come to mind. But Blue Daisy isn’t making music you can dance
to. « I don’t go clubbing that much… the club thing, it’s not timeless, »
he says in the press notes for this release. « I’m making music for the
long run, in 10 years I still want people to be able to listen to it…
I’m not down with the idea of fitting in. »

Accordingly, The Sunday Gift is about deep listening, with plenty to get
lost in and little to soundtrack a night out. There are long stretches of
unsettling ambiance, with jarring, harsh textures and sonic mayhem
erupting from the album’s foundation. The tension is made tighter by
elliptical strings and distant vocal samples spouting vaguely threatening
political klaxon language and speaking in foreign languages. The guest
vocalists– Anneka, Cinematic Orchestra collaborator Heidi Vogel, UK
rapper Hey!Zeus, smoky singer Stac– are treated less like stars and more
like instruments in the mix, slathered in their sonic surroundings. For an
electronic album from someone well-versed in beatmaking, the idea of
rhythm almost seems secondary.

Comparisons to Massive Attack’s unimpeachable run in the 1990s come
immediately to mind, but The Sunday Gift feels a shade darker. A better
comparison would be Tricky’s debut, 1995’s Maxinquaye, a record that
contains its share of blasted dub and hollow-point production. Another
quality Maxinquaye and The Sunday Gift share is anger, something in no
short supply in the UK lately. The mix of sounds and sensations has a
cumulative quality. Some albums work best as front-to-back listening
experiences; The Sunday Gift practically demands such attention, flowing
in a single-track style that makes skipping around to specific songs feel
like walking into a movie in the middle. And the payoff comes in the form
of the album’s gorgeous closing suite, which includes the woozy house of
« Spinning Channels ». For a producer who made his name with a sporadic
series of singles, Blue Daisy knows how to fill a larger canvas.

I would like to hear from you asap.



Some Noise asbl
C/O Alain Bolle
1050 Brussels 5


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Dear all,


GUDRUN GUT will be in Paris in mid April 2012.

I’m booking some other dates around that time as well.


Please read this biography and also click on:






Gudrun Gut’s CV is an eclectic one, spanning a wide range of media and collaborations.


While still a student at the Hochschule der Künste, Berlin (1978-84) Gut first came to prominence in the early eighties as part of a scene the media dubbed « ingenious dilettantes ». A member of Mania D (with Bettina Koester and Beate Bartel) and an early incarnation of Einstürzende Neubauten she soon formed successful eighties all-female art rock band, ‘MALARIA!’ with Bettina Koester, then touring Europe and the USA with a 5 piece line up including Manon P.Duursma, Susanne Kuhnke, Christine Hahn.

‘Malaria!’ is still talked about and even reached the charts in 2001 via a “kaltes Klares Wasser” remix by « ChicKs on Speed », incidentally.

In the late eighties Gut was part of three women band MATADOR (with Manon P.Duursma and Beate Bartel) and started to use a computer for her compositions – since the early nineties Gut has been responsible for some film scores, videos and radio plays. In 1991 she started the Miasma Project, an international mixed media collaboration with MYRA DAVIES (Canada).

Two years later she founded the OCEANCLUB, a loose collective of likeminded souls with a unique approach for music, taking it from a variety of angles. A result was the Pop CD « G.Gut: Members of the Oceanclub » which was recently rereleased on Moabit Musik including an extra cd with remixes.


Founder and owner of two labels (Monika Enterprise and Moabit Musik) Gut promotes unconventional attitude.

Moabit Musik (est. 1990, 15 releases to date) reissues material by Malaria!, Matador, Miasma and other projects with a personal involvement, while Monika Enterprise supports young artist in the realm of new electronic/independent music (est. 1997, over 50 releases to date) such as Quarks, Barbara Morgenstern, Komeit or Contriva.

A skilled audio engineer, programmer and record producer Gut is active in the technical production and commercial sectors of the recording industry.


Introduced to internet broadcasting and new media communications Gut curates or produces live electronic media events all over Europe, featuring both her own work (as a DJ / Music selector) and that of other artists (Monika Label Nights, Oceanclub Nights, Marke B – a Berlin Label gathering curated by oceanclub- Gudrun Gut, Thomas Fehlmann and Daniel Meteo).

Together with Thomas Fehlmann Gut hosts and co-produces OCEANCLUB Radio « musica obscura » on Radio Eins since 1997 in Berlin.


Apart from her eclectic DJ appearances in Clubs and at Festivals Gut finally released her first solo album in April 2007. Since then she is doing live performances with her laptop and microfone accompanied by her videoclips.

In 2009 she started working on a collaboration with Antye Greie (AGF) for BBC Late Junction. The result was the beginning of their project « Baustelle ». The album was released in 2010 and « Greie Gut Fraktion » are now are performing Baustelle with live videos on various Festivals.



grew up in the lüneburger heide (north german heatherland), in berlin since 1975, studied visual communication at the hochschule der künste, active in the music-scene since the 80ies, founding member of the bands mania d, malaria!, matador. since 1993 spoken word + performance project miasma together with myra davies. various record releases and live appearances worldwide. 1994 initiator of the oceanclub, started the monika enterprise label (barbara morgenstern, contriva, etc) in 1997. producing and presenting the oceanclub radio show for radioeins together with thomas fehlmann. since 2007 solowork, 2010/11 greie gut fraktion « baustelle » with antye greie (agf).


I hope to hear from you asap.







Some Noise asbl

C/O Alain Bolle


1050 Brussels 5



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Dear all,

I'm arranging some dates for DECIMUS.
He's available between 24th February and March 3rd.

Please click on this link:

And also read these words:

 Decimus #1 is the second LP in a series of 12 "synthetic meditations on
the zodiac as envisioned by Decimus Magnus Ausonius (310-395)' undertaken
by Pat Munro from No Neck Blue Band. This edition would appear to be
dedicated to the Ram, judging from the attached quote "And Here in Aries,
birthed in a union of Hei and Dalet, Behold! Brought forth with the taste
survival on it's lips Where this taste emerges as the only absolute
desire that remains immune to a war waged on the bondage of need!". The
record takes form as two sides of compelling freeform electronic improv
encompassing shrill ring modulation, clammy electro-acoustic treatments
and hypnotic drones. The first side marks the territory with a foul gust
of forceful rhythmic noise to clear the air before receding into the
shadows of almost darkwave ambient tones, sharing a dank space with
genuinely discomforting alien signal chatter. The second side is
enveloped by closer drones which organically weave and wend across the
stereo field to be joined by searching tendrils of kosmiche synth tones,
all with the enigmatic quality of a weakly decayed radio transmission
beamed from the opposite side of the galaxy.

I hope to hear from you soon.



Some Noise asbl
C/O Alain Bolle
1050 Brussels 5


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Dear all,

I'm booking some dates in 2012 for SPATIAL. Availability in April, May and
June 2012.

Here's a biography and a some audio links:

In late 2008 spatial subverted the UK bass scene by releasing a limited 10”
on his newly christened infrasonics imprint. The expansion of dubstep's
horizon with a technoid garage hybrid combined with the minimal aesthetic
of the design and information reticence proved compelling in an age of
categorisation and communication overload. The release scored an instant
Boomkat single of the week and all but sold out inside two weeks.

spatial's subsequent two 10”s were equally well received, allowing him to
expand the infrasonics output with a series of split 12”s by other artists
that challenged stylistic boundaries. Many reference points have been
drawn in reviews of his music but none confidently define a sound that
draws on a huge range of influences and continues to morph with each
The consistencies are UK rave references, bass weight and an increasingly
prevalent focus on energy in the material - thus receiving solid support
in London, the UK and across the globe.

As an in-demand DJ, spatial’s sets traverse a breadth of bass centric
styles centered around rawkus energy with brief refrains into deeper, more
abstract material that play on tension and release.

He’s played a host of underground parties in the UK and Europe whilst
making appearances at festivals such as Club Transmediale, Freerotation
and Unsound. He recently made his debut appearance in the US tearing up
the revered Dubwar party in NYC.

Showcase mixes have appeared for FACT magazine, Samurai FM, Wefearsilence,
DJ Mag, Unsound and URB with label press from Wire, Resident Advisor,
Mixmag, FACT, IDJ, De:Bug and XLR8R.

I hope to hear from you as soon as possible.



Some Noise asbl
C/O Alain Bolle
1050 Brussels 5