Dear all,

I’m arranging some dates for Peter J Taylor. He’s available in May and
June 2012.
Peter J Taylor creates music on the night with compositions performed by
musicians of your choosing from your town/city. The music is very easy to
play and
requires one hour sound check. Shows require a minimum of 6 guitars and
one drummer.
There is no maximum. The more musicians the louder the music the bigger the

Please find here some words describing his music and also some usual links:



Peter J Taylor is a Composer, Guitarist from the UK, His music currently
the harmonies of micro-tonal changes in overtones outside the boundaries
of the 12
note tonal system. Taylor can be described sounding in comparison to Rhys
Glenn Branca, Boredoms, and has performed nationally and internationally
with hundreds of musicians.

In 2010 Taylor finished work on his first album “MATE”. Comprising of Eight
compositions written for an Ensemble of 6 Guitars and one drummer. This
has been
performed by a regular ensemble of both national and international
musicians. Being
completely self funded and released to critical acclaim on Fortissimo
Records in
August 2010.

In 2009 Taylors first major composition written for 26 Guitars and Drums
saw its
European premiere in Austria at ARS Electronic, Linz during the European
City of Culture.


“…a palate-scorching blast of screaming guitars by Peter James Taylor,
formerly of
no-wave influenced Bletchley punks Action Beat. This track, Up Yours,
announces its
intentions straight away with a wave of tremelo-picked guitars (with
metallic distortion), and doesn’t let up from there – the
Sonic-Youth-at-their-most-hectic drums ensure that all of the instrumental
song’s 7+
minutes pound their way into your psyche. The track is arranged and played
on 6
guitars, and it shows and pays off in its sheer wonderful violence.”
FatCat Records Demo Player. Feb 15th 2011


“This is a pretty astounding sounding record. Taking time off from his
main band
Action Beat, PJT has assembled a contemporary UK “guitar army” in the vein
of ol’
Noisy bastard Glenn Branca’s NY outfit. ‘Mate’ is the result. A taut, wiry
of furious and mighty monotone guitar thrash & some seriously insane Steve
Shelley-esque drum abuse. This incredibly fine record reminds you of what
it is like
to get caught right in the eye of a prime SY maelstrom or the culmination
of an
Action Beat curated aural tornado. This is rock music on a very pure,
plain. Forceful, intelligent, relentless, euphoric & very loud. But with
the source
ingredients being relatively minimal, you’re getting all the uncluttered
Just galloping, driving drums & walls of fierce guitars that slice up and
down the
side of your face like the most brutal biting wind. Put this vicious
fucker on and
you’ll get forced right slam into the back of your sofa, such is the
velocity & fury
of this very righteous rock. Power on boys. Stellar line-up also includes
of House of John Player & Hired Muscle!”


“Peter J Taylor’s name might make him sound like he’s a columnist for a
paper but listen to a split second of his music and you’ll realise that he
is in
fact a monstrous nutter who’s created an instrumental album of intense,
punky guitar
driven compositions that sound like they’re the backing track to a b-movie
chase. He used to be in some band I’ve never heard of, but who cares about
care about this.
This record is partly white noise and it should really be awful. But it’s
not. It’s
good. Great in fact. I put it on and listened to the whole thing straight
Sober. It doesn’t let up or let you go in it’s manic and tense nature.
It’s like a
refreshing citrus slap round the face that barks “Stop listening to Mark
Lanegan you
twat. What are you doing with your life? Don’t you remember what you used
to like?”
(Just me then?) It makes me remember how much raucous fun music can be.
Should be.
Taylor sounds like he’s having so much fun. I want to pick up a guitar
join in.
There’s also some great little intricacies to be found inbetween the
wailing eight
tracks here but I don’t think for a minute any of it was done consciously.
‘Mate’ is
like a Kandinsky painting: insane, nonsensical, alluring; hinting at
control and
overall it’s odd parts making a beautiful whole. It’s also a big bastard
onslaught of electric death too, of course.
The self released album ‘Mate’ is available for a mere £4 on his bandcamp
site but
if you’re a tight-fisted, miser, skinflint, cheapskate tight wad, then you
can just
stream the thing and rock out in front of your computer like it’s 2011. But
remember: Your ears are for life, not just for Christmas. Now go listen.”  Feb 2011.


“Ex Action Beat member Peter J Taylor offers a lovely slice of frenetic
guitars and
discordant amp damage with this. Each track is unrelenting in its intent
and truly
drives the point home. Indeed at points it is as though Lightning Bolt got
rid of
their bass and replaced it with a guitar.With this in mind this formula is
on time and time again and can be a little samey but the evident talent on
and desire to just straight up rock out often dispels any worries that
this mans
heart is not firmly in the right place. “Red Schuhert,” is the pot of gold
at the
end of a bright and endearing record that seems to have a huge sigh at the
end of it
after the amount of work that has gone into the previous 7 tracks.
The noise band
from Bletchleys loss is our gain.”
MASS MOVEMENT MAGAZINE. Steve Ready – Feb 2011

I hope to hear from you very very soon.



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