I'm booking some dates for Roly Porter.
Availability: from mid May 2012 onwards.

Please read this review and aloso click on this:

Superb new album of industrial-strength drone, art-techno, noise and moody
synth experimentation from Roly Porter, formerly of Vex'd, returning to
his Bristol home of Subtext. Operating in a similar sphere to the last
Subtext drop from Emptyset, Porter mines a rich seam of eerie, corrosive
greyscale and moreover heavy, righteously dub-wise electronics, with a
warped but careful sense of modern classical composition: in short, the
perfect soundtrack to wandering the creaking corridors of the Event
Horizon. This really is one of the most suffocatingly atmospheric records
we've heard all year, with an ice-cold and uncompromising aesthetic, but
beautifully paced and compellingly borne out: from the opening 'Atar' on
in, with its noir synths, punishing low-end and drones hovering like enemy
attack helicopters. At first 'Tleilax' sounds like it could've come off
one of Leyland Kirby's Intrigue & Stuff 12"s, before the arrival of
machine-gun drum machines and shouted vocal snips - this wouldn't have
sounded out of place on the latest Prurient album, but there's also
something in its texture and attitude that clearly identifies it as a
product of the British post-rave tradition. Navigating beauty and
brutality like it ain't no thing, the album takes in reverbed chamber
instrumentals like 'Kaitain', bone-crunching, Earth and KTL-indebted
doom-fests like 'Rossak' and sub-bass pressure poems likie 'Giedi Prime',
with some elegiac, almost Vangelis-like interludes thrown in fod good
measure. It's perfectly balanced, and it moves quickly - every blast of
scouring power electronics is followed by a melodic, reassuring swell of
strings, and it's in these contrasts, expertly handled, that Aftertime's
magic lies. Highly recommended for fans of Earth, Raime, Sandwell
District, Fennesz, Emptyset, Ben Frost, Tim Hecker, Kangding Ray, The
Haxan Cloak and the like.

I hope to hear from you very soon.



Some Noise asbl
C/O Alain Bolle
1050 Brussels 5

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