I'm booking some dates for KONG.
They're available in late June 2012.

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The term “progressive metal” is used to describe so many different things
in today’s scene that nearly a quarter of all bands in the genre are
hardly even metal to begin with. European instrumentalists Kong are yet
another band that can be added to the ever growing list of watered-down
acts that are using the term “progressive metal” to try and appeal to a
wider audience. While the tactic has worked for talented bands like
Porcupine Tree, Kong falls short of touching anything remotely close to
the realm of actual metal with its bland instrumental compositions, minus
a few riffs scattered across the album’s hour long playing time.

The album begins with the one riff wonder “On the Contrary,” which goes
absolutely no where. Despite the echo of synthesizers that layer
themselves across this track it is essentially one, singular guitar riff
that plays itself over and over again throughout the entire song. Whereas
progressive metal is meant to be a genre of rule-defying and law-breaking
songwriting, Kong keeps things very simple and go for the most
minimalistic approach possible.

Out of the twelve tracks that make up “What It Seems Is What You Get,”
only two are really anything to be impressed with. The third track, “Last
Hunt,” features a nice build from a mellow post-rock influenced sound to
include a down-tuned chunk. The synth patches are occasionally interesting
when coupled with the more hard rock guided riffs. The bass also makes a
nice appearance here around the four minute mark, but that is what plagues
this album. While filled with a few great ideas, the songs take far too
long to capture any sense of imagination. The music here doesn’t tell a
story, which any form instrumental music needs to do to be able to create
a memorable experience.

Besides the King Crimson inclined “Musclebound Elf,” the rest of the album
falls short of culminating in any effective climax. The better half of the
record is a more radio rock lead affair that also dips into the realms of
electronica, barely breaking the surface into a progressive metal style.
While a few of the songs do contain some riffs that are on the heavier
side of the spectrum, most progressive metal fans will want to skip this
release entirely. Nothing here challenges the laws of music or breaks
boundaries and it’s really just a melting pot of sounds that everyone has
already done before. So take with it what you will. Those that don’t mind
a simplistic journey through lengthy songs that contain very few musical
twists, or those who ride elevators for their musical nuances, might enjoy
this release.

I hope to hear from you asap.


Some Noise asbl
C/O Alain Bolle
1050 Brussels 5

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