I’m booking some shows for 3/4HadBeenEliminated.
If you’re interested in setting up a show for them could you tell me what
your avails are in October 2012?

3/4HadBeenEliminated was founded in Bologna, Italy, in 2002. Starting as a
trio (guitarist/double bassist Stefano Pilia, turntablist/sound assembler
Claudio Rocchetti, sound architect Valerio Tricoli) in 2004 the line up
was extended to drummer Tony Arrabito. Their first self titled record
(bowindo, 2003) was released after playing a series of live concerts in
which the group attention was strongly focused on the
performative/theatrical/ecological aspects of the event: as starting point
of the complex dramatic crescendo of the performance, 3/4 usually opened
their concerts with amplifying a suspended bulky object of everyday life
that they occasionally find at the location. Comprised of a large number
of electronic and acoustic instruments, the album mirrors the disparate
musical influences and aesthetics of the group. Live electronics,
electroacoustic composition, field recordings, drones¡­ All elements are
here combined to ¡°create a seven-part cycle of radiant acoustic imagery,
with a sonic-methodology aimed at continuity rather than clash, and one
that helps to create a fluid sound world, full of juxtapositions, but ones
which provide an indecisive magical middle passage.¡± After exploring and
experimenting with self invented recordings techniques and with drummer
Tony Arrabito joining the band, 3/4¡äs modus operandi focused on live
interaction between electronic and acoustic instruments within a context
in which the studio itself (tape machines, mixers, effects¡­) and the
actual space in which the interaction take place (weird microphoning,
feedbacks¡­) are considered and manipulated as instruments themselves (not
by chance 3/4¡äs are fans of musicians such as This Heat, P16.D4¡­). In
this process improvisation and group playing are the main issues, whereas
3/4¡äs first release was more based upon electroacoustic d¨¦coupage. The
goal 3/4¡äs are trying to reach is that of unifying in one moment the
three steps of songwriting, recording, and electroacustic

I hope to hear from you asap.




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