Dear all,

I’m booking some dates for CIAN NUGENT + TWINSISTERMOON + WARM DIGITS.
In partnership with Lee Tusk.


Cian Nugent is a guitar player and composer from Dublin, Ireland who
combines personal passions, such as suburban/coastal blues, traditional
musics, late 1960s & ’70s singer-songwriters, jazz ambitions, 20th century
composition and the Takoma school into a deeply personal style. His music
boasts an orchestrated and fully instrumented sound that is playful and
eerie at the same time.

Over the past 4 years he has toured with people such as Jack Rose, Glenn
Jones, Micah Blue Smaldone, Ben Reynolds, Nalle, The Family Elan, George
Stavis, Jozef van Wissem, C Joynes, Peter Delaney, Thinguma*jigSaw and
James Blackshaw throughout Europe and the United States.


Twinsistermoon, a.k.a. Mehdi Ameziane, is one half of French act Natural
Snow Buildings, and while both acts certainly share a similar aesthetic,
they are distinct enough to arouse frustration when attempting to figure
out where one ends and the other begins. Both acts specialize in rich,
atmospheric drone with a distinct cinematic quality. Both also stubbornly
alternate almost exclusively between short, sung acoustic folk songs and
long, exaggerated instrumentals, the latter variety being where a
pronounced horror film influence can be more immediately heard.


You’d be hard pressed to disagree with the seminal DJ and producer
listening to ‘Keep Warm… with the Warm Digits’ (Distraction Records), an
album that comes as though arriving from a distant time, where music still
only saw limitless horizons and endless sonic possibilities. Warm Digits’
duo Andrew Hodson and Steve Jefferis’ bewitching debut LP is undoubtedly
steeped in the lineage of the 1970s experimentalism of the likes of Neu!’s
hypnotic repetition and the open-minded philosophies of Brian Eno, but
it’s testament to the pair’s own broad visions that in 2012 these touch
stones have been sculpted into a sound that retains a refreshing sense of
modern vitality.

Hodson and Jefferis are a trans-Pennines collaborative project – something
referenced by the title of the track ‘Trans-Pennine Express’ – with both
having history as mainstays of Newcastle and the North East of England’s
intimate but ever evolving music community. Though Andrew has since moved
to the more traditional cultural powerhouse of Manchester, he retains
close links with the region, recently collaborating with old friends,
Sunderland’s Field Music, to help them record the unique ‘One Copy’ in the
North West’s Lauriston Gallery. It’s an album whose sole copy is owned by
the creators as a statement against the free streaming and sharing culture
becoming dominant in music and Field Music’s David Brewis returned the
favour to his old pal appearing here on bass. Hodson also runs Seed
Studios in Trafford and has worked as a producer with the likes of Maximo
Park’s Paul Smith and modern folk duo Cath and Phil Tyler among others.

I hope to hear from you asap.




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