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Dear all,

I'm booking some dates for Eugene Robinson.
He's available between 28th and 31st November.

Drawing on a tradition established by the likes of SPAULDING GRAY, ERIC
and CHAZZ PALMINTIERI, EUGENE S. ROBINSON's show can be called neither
spoken word
nor slam poetry but more the theater of the monologue extreme: with a life
seen him break bread with murderers, thieves, killers, connivers, pimps
and whores,
Robinson's trenchant observations are minus empty moralizing and delivered
with a
force and focus of someone who has lived what he speaks and delivers it
like he's
pulled a bar stool up next to yours. From his book FIGHT: EVERYTHING YOU
his newest novel PATERNOSTRA, Robinson's tales take you into the dark
alley of
whatever you never wanted to remember for as long as you will after you
hear this.
And in special locations he'll be accompanied by a musician.

I hope to hear from you soon.



Some Noise asbl
C/O Alain Bolle
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Dear all,

I'm booking one date only for DEAD NEANDERTHALS.

The open date is: 29th June 2012

The Dutch sax-and-drum duo Dead Neanderthals are not your average
free-jazz experience. Incorporating elements from noise, jazz, metal and
grindcore, they deliver a punch in the guts with every release. Heavily
distorted saxophone sounds and machine-like drumming make their upcoming
release Jazzhammer / Stormannsgalskap an extremely abrasive affair. After
recording and mixing, the record was sent to Norway and was mastered by
Jørgen Træen (Jaga Jazzist, Motorpsycho, Enslaved, Kings of Convenience,
etc). The record will be distributed world wide by Burning World Records.
Dead Neanderthals took their weirdness to the stage less than a year ago
and during this short period of time already played Le Guess Who?
festival, De-Affaire festival, Incubate festival, Zomerparkfeest festival,
and supported Shining (No) on their Dutch tour dates.

Please get back to me if you're interested in setting up a gig for them.



Some Noise asbl
C/O Alain Bolle
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Dear all,


I’m booking some dates for FATHER MURPHY.


They’re availabke from 12th November onwards.





FATHER MURPHY are an Italian trio comprised by freddie (vocals, guitar), Chiara Lee (vocals, keyboards, percussions) and Vittorio Demarin (drums, viola, vocals). Born in Treviso, Northern Italy, from the ashes of Federico’s several previous musical projects, Father Murphy with two albums and a plethora of ep’s and limited releases became one of the most mysterious and enigmatic musical entities coming out of Italy. If their first album Six Musicians getting unknown was still somewhat rooted in twisted psychedelic pop and sounded vaguely related to Os Mutantes

(Brazil) and Italian psych pop masters Jennifer Gentle, the second record, with “…and He told us to turn to the Sun” they did a significant step ahead – out of every familiar musical genre and right into the darkness.

Recorded in a church between the end of 2007 and the beginning of 2008, And He told us to turn to the sun maybe was born like a rather weird attempt to a concept album about religion, but surely sounds like a collection of dark, foreboding songs that crawl and twist and hiss like that old biblical serpent. Think of Gnostic masses, kabbalistic chanting, chiming little bells, tinny Gregorian-like drones played on toy-keyboards and the subtle but inescapable influence of 70’s Italian horror rock acts like Jacula and soundtrack masters Goblin and Ennio Morricone, and you will have some of the ingredients that make Father Murphy’s music. Add a good deal of lunacy and enough humour to keep the gloom away (just because you cannot take yourself that seriously) and the album is here, in all its strangely beguiling simplicity: an uneasy, compelling, furiously heretic yet sandblasted in Catholicism little album that could come only out of Italy.

The band grew in those years a strong fellowship in Italy as elsewhere, being often to always on tour (more than 200 shows in the last 3 year, with three Us tours, shows all over Europe, participation at  SONIC CITY Festival callled by curators  DEERHOOF and many more) getting the attention also of the Italian Natonial television (RAI) where they performed for almost two hours during the tv program “Larsen”. Their songs played in many radio stations, Italian as foreign, as Radio RAI, Resonance Fm London, Radio Student Lubljiana, radio stations in Moscow, Paris, Frankfurt, Amsterdam… WFMU, WFJC, WNYU, KDVS and more in U.S.A.

In 2009 the Italian movie “Due vite per caso/One life maybe two”, which soundtrack comprises three Father Murphy songs, with the band acting in a scene as itself during a live performance, appeared at Berlinale Festival

(Berlin) Open Roads Festival (New York City) Buenos Aires Film Festival (Argentina), Milano film Festival (Italy) and Maremetraggio Trieste (Italy).

Warmly embraced in the recent years also by both the UK and the US press, winning fans like Julian Cope, Deerhoof and Michael Gira, Father Murphy has just released a new EP, titled “No room for the weak”, four songs that are at the same time a confirmation and a step forward. Lyrically, the EP deals with the dubious joys of mysticism, convoluted theology, enlightenment through self-inflicted pain and a perilous, twisted way to an equally twisted idea of salvation. Musically, it is another exercise in what the guys at Aquarius Records (San Francisco) described as “woozy and ominous, dreamy and dense, a glorious deathlike dirge”. This new songs are just pure Father Murphy, off kilter and dramatic in their own peculiar way. No Room For The Weak have been released by Aagoo Records in September

2010 on 10’’ (distributed by Revolver USA, Cargo Uk and P*dis Japan) while Boring Machines Records(ITA), CD format, in october.


For promoting the new release Fr. Murphy did tour as hell, 137 shows in a year.

They started in september 2010 with a 6 weeks tour in Us and canada, opening for Deerhoof and Xiu Xiu, for then going back to Europe to join NO MAN IS booking agency, and play many other gigs in Uk, Belgium, France, Poland, Czech Republic and Italy (opening for Liars, Carla Bozulich, ZU Mahjongg… among the others).

The “No room for the weak” tour then continued till may 2011, going through Italy, Slovenia, Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, Germany, Scandinavia (opening for Thulebasen, DK), Russia (together with SWANS and THE EX at SKIF Festival in St. Petersbourg!) and Uk again.

Between august and september they joined Us band SIC ALPS for doing another 3 weeks tour around Western Europe, with a special show in Brussels opening for THE EX, for then ending in Italy with a peculiar show in a theater in Pistoia, nearby Florence, where they did a live soundtrack for « The Cabinet of Dr. caligari », german silent movie from the 20’s, together with a collective of filmakers and musicians (Jeaulosy Party, Rico/Uochi Toki, Alessandro Fiori, In Flux).


I hope to hear from you asap.








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C/O Alain Bolle


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Dear all,

I'm booking some dates for CHRYSTA BELL. She will perform with a full band.

Open dates are between 1st and 9th Septermber + between 12th and 27th

She's produced by David Lynch.

Chrysta Bell is a singer, songwriter, entertainer, model and muse who
incorporates dynamic theatrical and multimedia elements into unforgettable
performance experiences.
     Bell has shared the stage with such legendary talents as Willie
Nelson, Brian Setzer, Donovan, and King Crimson's Pat Mastelotto and
Trey Gunn.
     She has had the great pleasure and honor of writing and recording
songs with iconic film director David Lynch, their collaboration
yielding both the haunting ‘Polish Poem’ from his ‘INLAND EMPIRE’
soundtrack and an 11-song album titled This Train, released through
La Rose Noire records.
     Bell has embarked on numerous international tours and has been
featured on such television shows as “Austin City Limits”, “Good
Morning America” , and ABC’s “Switched!” to name a few. She has acted
as the love interest of Jet Li (Once Upon a Time in China VI)  and in
a national television commercial (Ford Motor Company).
     Chrysta Bell began her professional music career in Austin, Texas, as
the lead vocalist for RCA Victor's euro swing act, 8 ½ Souvenirs.

     Bell’s passion project is her band Black Book Angel, formed with
filmmaker and musician Dutch Rall. Black Book Angel is soulful,
electro-tinged dream pop, and draws inspiration from such diverse
audio and visual influences as Eurythmics, Ellen Von Unwerth, Serge
Gainsbourg, Cocteau Twins, Zbigniew Preisner, Gustave Courbet and

Please get back to me asap.

Thank you.



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Dear all,

ANDREA PARKINS will be available for some performances between the
beginning of October and mid November 2012.

Please get back to me very soon.

Andrea Parkins is composer, sound/installation artist and electroacoustic
musician who engages with interactive electronics as a
compositional/performative process, and explores strategies related to
Fluxus’ ordered, yet ephemeral activities. An integral participant of the
New York sound art and experimental music scene, and worldwide – she is
especially known for her uniquely gestural/textural approach to her
electronically-processed accordion and customized live sound processing.
Her laptop electronics and Fender-amped accordion create a sonic field of
lush harmonics, noisy concretized disruption, and soaring electronic

As a sound artist and composer, Parkins' works includes electroacoustic
solo and ensemble pieces, dance and film scores, electronic music works,
and multi-diffusion installations featuring amplified objects that are
found or made. This work has been presented at the Whitney Museum of
American Art, The Kitchen, Diapason, and Experimental Intermedia; and arts
spaces/festivals worldwide, including Mexico City’s First International
Sound Art festival; Unsound in Krakow; NEXT in Bratislava; and Cyberfest
2011 in St. Petersburg. Parkins also records and performs internationally
as a solo artist and in collaborations with innovators such as Otomo
Yoshihide, David Watson, John Butcher, Wilco guitarist Nels Cline, and Lê
Quan Ninh, among many others; and she has appeared on more than 50
recordings on labels including hatology, Important Records, and Atavistic.

Recent activities:
In 2010, Parkins was invited to perform her interpretations of Christian
Marclay’s graphic scores at Whitney Museum’s retrospective festival of the
artist/composer's work, and she was commissioned to create a live dance
score for The Body Cartography's new work, Symptom. She also toured
throughout Europe with Portuguese choreographer Vera Mantero who
commissioned Parkins’ live score for We Are Going to Miss Everything We
Don’t Need. In 2011 , her work has been featured as part of Independent
Curators International’s traveling sound art exhibition, "With Hidden
Noise," (along with works by Pauline Oliveros and Steve Roden) and in the
"Lingua Franca" sound art exhibition at Cyberfest 2011 in St. Petersburg,
Russia. She also created sound for digital artist Yael Kanarek’s video,
"Heavenly, So Long" that was exhibited at NYC’s Flux Factory. Currently,
she is touring in support of her recent Important Records CD, FAULTY
(BROKEN ORBIT). On an ongoing basis, Parkins develops her primary
performance project, a series of interactive audio/visual works inspired
by Rube Goldberg’s circuitous machines. Her work has received support from
American Composers Forum, NYSCA, the French-American Cultural Exchange,
Meet the Composer, Harvestworks, and the Frei und Hanseastadt Hamburg
Kulturbehoerde in Germany.

All the best.


Some Noise asbl
C/O Alain Bolle
1050 Brussels 5


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Dear all,

I'm booking some dates for KNUCKLEDUSTER.

They're available between 5th and 12th October 2012.

Knuckleduster, the trans-atlantic collaboration of electronica/sound
artist Robert Lippok (Germany) and trans-cultural pioneer Debashis Sinha
(Canada/India) began through a mutual fascination with sound and sound
production. Based on long discussions in Toronto, Berlin, and via
internet, Lippok and Sinha created a foundation for music making based on
the respect of each other’s work. Their first collaboration, a live
concert in Toronto in 2007, went so well that they decided to make the duo
a continuing international performance project. Their first CD, Nuukoono,
was recorded in Berlin at the famous Studio P4 and at Studio Bleibel by
Bernd Jestram of Tarwater.

Robert Lippok is on the bleeding edge of the Berlin minimal electronic
scene with releases on some of the most innovative labels in existence
today. He is a founding member of To Rococo Rot, now twelve years old and
internationally known, bringing conceptual art, installation, and
improvisation to the post-rock scene, refining and perfecting their
concept of instant composition. As a solo artist, he has created sound
installations and performed internationally, releasing recordings to
critical acclaim on the Monica, Staubgold and Raster-Noton labels.

Debashis Sinha has been involved with the world music scene in Canada for
over 10 years, garnering multiple Juno nominations along the way. Deeply
trained in traditional rhythmic systems from various cultures, Sinha has
begun to turn to the world of improvisation and sound art to further
explore his traditional percussion instruments. Through questioning the
context of world music, he has found a voice that uses traditional
techniques coupled with extended techniques of western improvisation and

I hope to hear from you soon.



Some Noise asbl
C/O Alain Bolle
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Dear all,

I'm booking some dates for the band PETER KERNEL.

Here are their avails:

29.10 Luxembourg (open)
30.10 Belgium (open)
31.10 Belgium (open)
1.11 The Netherlands (open)
2.11 The Netherlands (open)



Peter Kernel play music anyone can play in an attempt to’ satisfy man’s
basic human instinct: a beat, something loud and a few words. Primary


Peter Kernel is a Swiss Canadian art-punk band formed by Aris Bassetti
(guitar, voice, graphic designer) and Barbara Lehnhoff (bass, voice,
filmmaker). Inspired by a love story, they play music anyone can play in
an attempt to’ satisfy man’s basic human instinct: a beat, something loud
and a few words. Primary rock.The band initially got together in 2005 to
write the soundtrack for the experimental musical Like A Giant In A Towel
(Locarno International Film Festival 2006), directed by bass player
In 2008 PK releases their first album How To Perform A Funeral followed by
The Ticket Ep on 10’’ vinyl in 2009, both for their own label On the
Camper Records.
Suddenly PK are invited by Spencer Krug from the canadian band Wolf Parade
(Sub Pop) to open for their European tour in September 2010. They soon
share stages in venues such as the Hmv Forum (London), Thekla (Bristol),
Point Ephèmere (Paris)…
Throughout 2009/2010, to blow off steam PK explore the theme of
improvisation and in February 2011 in collaboration with a number of
friend artists, they release the audiovisual experiment Il Pomeriggio Non
Si Sa Mai Bene Cosa Fare (12’’ vinyl + the video Man & Nature, On the
Camper Records).
During the 2010 Christmas holidays PK record twelve new songs for their
second album. June 1st they release the single Anthem Of Hearts (on 7”
vinyl) for the french label Africantape. The new record White Death &
Black Heart is released on October 3rd 2011 (Africantape).


Throughout the years Peter Kernel shared stages with inspiring bands such
as Mogwai, Trans Am, Cat Power, Enon, Blonde Redhead, Shannon Wright, Wolf
Parade, Why?, Twin Shadow, Wild Beasts, Trentemøller, The Notwist, Sunset
Rubdown, Gregor Samsa and many more…and performed at clubs and festivals
such as Hmv Forum (London), Thekla (Bristol), Glee (Birmingham) 59 :1
(Munich) Point Ephèmere (Paris), Soundlabs Festival (Abruzzo), Paleo
Festival (Nyon), Bad Bonn Kilbi (Düdingen), Cully Jazz Festival (Cully)
and many more…

I hope to hear from you very soon.



Some Noise asbl
C/O Alain Bolle
1050 Brussels 5