Dear all,


I’m booking some dates for the American band EXCEPTER.


They’re available between 23rd July and 2nd August.


An american improvisatory electronic rock group. A destruction of the division between performance and programming. An electric city, a test of endurance and entrancement. Mystic rips in liminality.




Formed in NYC 2002, Excepter have over 23 recordings released on various

labels: Fusetron; Load; 5RC; Paw Tracks; RVNG. A group mind experience, Excepter brought to bear upon the world of electronic dance music the improvisational discipline of founder John Fell Ryan’s membership in The No-Neck Blues Band. Slowly shifting in line-ups and styles over the years, Excepter always produces its core sound of multiple voices, winds and percussion echoing over free-form machine rhythms and synthesizer.



With the passing of Excepter vocalist and drummer Clare Amory in February 2011, surviving members spread to different cities across the States.

Lala and John Fell Ryan now live and work in Los Angeles, joining satellite member Robert Girardin. Nathan Corbin moved and rebuilt his studio outside Sante Fe, New Mexico. Jon Nicholson still holds down Excepter presence in New York City.



Excepter continue to record new material and perform on stage. STREAMS 2, a box set edit of performances by the 2007-2009 sextet edition of Excepter, will finally see release. Plans are underway to bring the band to Europe and the United Kingdom.




John Fell Ryan: Vocals, Percussion, Electronics


Lala: Vocals, Synthesizer, Electronics, Wind


Robert Girardin: Vocals, Synthesizer, Electronics


Jon Nicholson: Synthesizer, Electronics, Guitar


Jon Williams: Lights, Electronics


Zebrablood: Synthesizer, Electronics



Please get back to me if you’re interested.






Some Noise asbl

C/O Alain Bolle


1050 Brussels 5




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