Dear all,

I'm booking some dates for KNUCKLEDUSTER.

They're available between 5th and 12th October 2012.

Knuckleduster, the trans-atlantic collaboration of electronica/sound
artist Robert Lippok (Germany) and trans-cultural pioneer Debashis Sinha
(Canada/India) began through a mutual fascination with sound and sound
production. Based on long discussions in Toronto, Berlin, and via
internet, Lippok and Sinha created a foundation for music making based on
the respect of each other’s work. Their first collaboration, a live
concert in Toronto in 2007, went so well that they decided to make the duo
a continuing international performance project. Their first CD, Nuukoono,
was recorded in Berlin at the famous Studio P4 and at Studio Bleibel by
Bernd Jestram of Tarwater.

Robert Lippok is on the bleeding edge of the Berlin minimal electronic
scene with releases on some of the most innovative labels in existence
today. He is a founding member of To Rococo Rot, now twelve years old and
internationally known, bringing conceptual art, installation, and
improvisation to the post-rock scene, refining and perfecting their
concept of instant composition. As a solo artist, he has created sound
installations and performed internationally, releasing recordings to
critical acclaim on the Monica, Staubgold and Raster-Noton labels.

Debashis Sinha has been involved with the world music scene in Canada for
over 10 years, garnering multiple Juno nominations along the way. Deeply
trained in traditional rhythmic systems from various cultures, Sinha has
begun to turn to the world of improvisation and sound art to further
explore his traditional percussion instruments. Through questioning the
context of world music, he has found a voice that uses traditional
techniques coupled with extended techniques of western improvisation and

I hope to hear from you soon.



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