Dear all,


I’m arranging some dates for CORE OF THE COALMAN.

He’s available between 26th August and 9th September.




Jorge Boehringer’s viola axe and silver toned frequency drift for the vibration of the air surrounding the Aural Coils, electrically. Both of them, vibrated in phase pulses sometimes symmetrical, and other times it’s life burning to pour out. Its Yam Yad much picked over when found in the company of a rough legged hawk:geological and musical time frames became supercooled and thus glacially motivated.Slow in form but powered and etched by sunshine continually,in the spirit of biting the hand that feeds one,Core of the Coalman is dyspeptic subtended prescient lacuna and cash money coated in peppermint oil and wrapped in a burning flag,a nest made from twigs stuck in the discarded remains of a dissected dream of textural structures evolving at their own rates and viewable from aan infinity of viewpoints and dimensions simultaneously,and all that,that sort of thing.

Core of the Coalman feedback-driven yodel triggers,descending tympanic pressures implying sexual interface, and (probably) extended upwardly mobile Carnasitic arrays, with ornaments. Its like the blurred fossil record of a biological crises during a time of intense geological speed.

Know what I mean, man? its Ordovician noise. The invitations went out like

648 million years ago, it was old school. You still haven’t showed up. I miss you A compound eye may consist of thousands of individual photoreception units. The image perceived is a combination of inputs from the numerous ommatidia (individual « eye units »), which are located on a convex surface, thus point in slightly different directions. This, for Jorge Boehringer, results in a specific type of focus, in which multiple systems of polymathic pursuits are allowed to progress at their own rates, attaining, as such, a unified, rather than fractured, perceptive, though a perspective different from that enjoyed by our ancestors- human and otherwise. He lives in Prague currently.


I hope to hear from you soon.






Some Noise asbl

C/O Alain Bolle


1050 Brussels 5



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