Dear all,

In partnership with Lee Tusk I am booking some dates for HIEROGLYPHIC BEING.
His avails are:

8th October open
9th October Ghent (tbc)
10th October open

Eclectic Chicago producer Jamal Moss. Also records as The Sun God and
Iamthatiam. Jamal is also a member of the following groups: Africans With
Mainframes, Chicago Bad Boys, and I.B.M. (together with Steve Poindexter)
and produced with collective The Dirty Criminals.

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Jamal Moss’ tracks recall a sort of wild experimentation, following his
mentors: Chicago legends Adonis and Steve Poindexter, who are also
involved in Moss’ Chicago Based Label Mathematics Recordings. As its A&R,
Jamal Moss dedicates himself to his search for rather unkown underground
artists creating raw sound-sculpting – more or less – house sounds. About
the label, he sais:

« Mathematics is the body of sound knowledge centered on such concepts as
quantity, music, structure, space, and change – and also the academic
discipline that studies them. Mathematics is the first stage of this
concept on the academic disciplines of classic house, rhythmic noise,
industrial jazz, acid house, ragtime electronics, new age, ambient and
classical structures. »

Jamal Moss has long been a part of the Chicago house/techno scene as both
a producer and DJ. Moss’s first creative endeavors were as part of a crew
that created industrial soundscapes for the Liquid Love parties at the
famed Powerplant in Chicago from 1989-90. When the Powerplant was closed,
Moss and his cohorts started Liquid Sex, which became a magnet for many
well-known house artists such as Steve Poindexter, who put Moss in touch
with future collaborators the Chicago Bad Boys collective. From the Fall
of 1993 – to the Summer of 1996 was Host/DJ for WNUR’S 89.3 StreetBeat
Program Showcasing a segment named JACK-FM( Thank U Shaun Fahey ). He was
also taken under the wing of house legend Adonis, who became a key mentor
figure in Moss’s life. He is on of the last of the line of producers
directly influenced by Ron Hardy at the Music Box, therefor he is uniquely
qualified to write a new chapter of Chicago’s Musical history.

I hope to hear from you very soon.



Some Noise asbl
C/O Alain Bolle
1050 Brussels 5


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