Dear all,

In partnership with Lee Tusk I'm booking some show for THE TENSES.
They are available between 12th and 15th October.

The Tenses is the duo of Oblivia and Ju Suk Reet Meate, stalwarts of the
legendary Los Angeles Free Music Society touchstone, Smegma.  Known to
their Portland, Oregon neighbours as Jackie and Eric Stewart, The Tenses
pare down Smegma’s sprawling collective mania to a duo of turntables,
vocals, guitar, and various toys, gadgets and small instruments,
invariably backdropped by their home-made video collages. (They also adopt
the monicker The Rodney Forest when they become a trio with the addition
of fellow Californian and LAFMS honcho Tom Recchion).

Eric seems able to draw a story from any instrument that falls under his
gaze, hinting at enigmatic plot trajectories and haunted intrigue, while
Jackie’s turntable technique is deceptively deep and encompassing – we’d
strongly recommend you also check Super Relaxed, her collaboration with
Tokyo noise monster Pain Jerk, and relish the bewildered aftermath of
Jackie and decks in full flight.

On stage, The Tenses ooze a charm and sleight of hand that makes the magic
they weave seem so simply honed, until you realise they’ve deftly
transported your mind to somewhere a thousand miles away.

I would like to haer from you as soon as possible.



Some Noise asbl
C/O Alain Bolle
1050 Brussels 5

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