Dear all,

I’m booking some dates for RHYTON.

This offer is valid for Belgium only.

Open dates are: 14th, 15th, 27th and 28th March 2013

For other countries please contact

Rhyton pours out a sonic libation unto the liberated world. Waveforms ring
out, alternately frozen and blazing, wrenched from an improvisational
method. They seek to loosen the gaze so as to widen focus, taking the
unity in hand, not grabbing for the micro-constituent. Using the dynamic
levels of rock, Rhyton carve out an edifice of sound on their debut LP
that centers upon repetition and modal excursion. Recorded and mixed by
Jason Meagher at his Black Dirt Studio, this self-titled release is culled
from a highly fruitful three day recording session. Seeking to capture the
cutting intensity level of their live performances, the band takes the
ethos of full engagement. The multiple amp setup at hand in the studio
helps imbue the ear with « second hearing ». The split stereo, dual amped
electric leads utilized throughout the record are best experienced on
tracks like « Pontian Grave » and « Teke » where phase and tremolo patterns
bounce and surge from ear to ear, warping senses of both time and space.
These two distinct sound sources are a manifestation of dual perspectives
derived from a single emanation: this is not the fracturing of a voice,
but rather its multiplying into a unified but complimentary chorale as
different delay lengths and distortion levels cohere into an ensemble
greater than its parts. On « Dale Odaliski » the rock trio trappings are
stripped away as a booming tom tom, oscillators and delay loops evoke a
kind technological primitivism that seems akin to a message from a
shattered, distant future. Extreme attention to auditory detail is
apparent throughout the album, as blasts of varied gain stages writhe
within fields of phased cymbals and bass throbs. Taken from repose to
ekstasis – as mental impulse reigns above, so the body below records.
Rhyton is a band with an organic genesis, born from late night rap
sessions at a local Brooklyn watering hole. Heads of certain vibe gathered
together to tap into the underlying flux form of transportational music.
Dave Shuford (D. Charles Speer, No Neck Blues Band) had been knee deep in
research and practice in the realm of middle eastern musics during the
recording of his solo LP Arghiledes. From that album, the track « The Heavy
Heart of Ando-Yeap » was used as a leaping off point for the gestation of
Rhyton. Shuford brought his personal selection of varied string
instruments to the table, seeking to create a heavier electric syntax for
mandolin, saz and baritone guitar. Jimy SeiTang (Psychic Ills) emerged as
a sonic surgeon, creating wave patterns with his bass and pulses of tape
delay tales. Spencer Herbst (Messages, Matta Llama) injected his flowing,
highly energetic style of percussion and brought in visual conundrums by
way of videocassette. An instant near-telepathic bond was established,
making improvisations seem like composed forays even to the closest
confidants. With variants and heads situated as a point of departure,
Rhyton explores the inner workings of the ear and seeks the latent brain
bulge within the listener.

I would like to hear from you asap.

Thanks for reading.



Some Noise asbl
C/O Alain Bolle
1050 Brussels 5


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