Dear all,

I'm booking some dates for ALFREDO COSTA MONTEIRO.
He is available between 14th and 16th Februry and also between 21st and
23rd February 2013.

Born in 1964 in Porto (Portugal)
Lives and works in Barcelona, Spain.
He studied sculpture/installation at the fine art school in Paris with
Christian Boltanski.
In 1992, he moved to Barcelona. Since then, his work stands somewhere
between visual arts, visual poetry and sound. His installations and sound
pieces, all of a low-fi character, have in common an interest for unstable
processes, raw materials and gestures, where the manipulation of objects
as instruments or instruments as objects has a strong phenomenological
From 1998 to 2006, he was member of espai 22a, an independent collective
for contemporary art. From 2001 to 2006, he was also member of IBA
col.lectiu d’improvisació
In sound poetry, he performs in solo polyglot and noise pieces (
portuguese, french and spanish), where sound establishes a different
Ongoing sound projects: Cremaster (with Ferran Fages), i treni inerti
(with Ruth Barberán), Atolón (with Ferran Fages and Ruth Barberán), Astero
(with Juan Matos Capote), 300 basses (with Jonas Kocher and Luca
Venitucci) and duos with Pascal Battus, Tim Olive and Michel Doneda.
He has given workshops at Hangar (Barcelona, Spain), ESDI (Barcelona,
Spain), Janácek Academy of Music and Performing Arts (Brno, Czech
Republic), Arteleku (San Sebastián, Spain), Facultad de Bellas Artes,
(Pontevedra, Spain), ESAD (Caldas da Rainha, Portugal), Crossroads during
John Cage's Year, (Lublin, Poland) among others.
He has toured in Canada, Japan and Europe.

I hope to hear from you asap.

Have a nice day.


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