Dear all,

I'm booking some dates for the Belgian female duo BABY FIRE.
They are available during all week-ends from early March 2013 onwards.

Ottis Toole was known for being Henry Lee Lucas’ lover and accomplice.
This inspired film-maker John McNaughton for Henry, Portrait of a Serial
killer. Toole was also a cannibal and a pyromaniac. In a filmed interview
he once explained how excited he would get when, for instance, he
succeeded in setting a mattress alight. Such a fire he would call a “baby
His tragic life inspired Diabolita who started Baby Fire as a solo project
in 2009. She was joined by Cha! on drums in January 2010 and within a few
months they were opening for bands such as HRSTA (Canada), Part Chimp (UK)
and CJ Boyd (US). Their debut album will be released in March 2011 on
Cheap Satanism Records. A tour of the East Coast of the US will follow.
The duo’s influences are multiple. Diabolita – who got her pseudonym from
Pete Simonelli from Enablers – is a fan of Riotgrrrl bands such as L7 and
Babes in Toyland. She also admits to having listened to a lot of heavy
metal in the Eighties. Cha! was influenced by Mr Bungle, The Pixies and by
drummer Ches Smith.
Take your mattresses away from the stage or these ladies will set them on

I hope to hear from you asap.



Some Noise asbl
C/O Alain Bolle
1050 Brussels 5

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