I’m booking some dates for SETH FAERGOLZIA + JOHN LUDINGTON (both known as FOREST CREATURE. They are available on 3rd, 4th, 7th and 8th March 2012. SETH FAERGOLZIA In his first band Dufus, Seth Faergolzia lead what was possibly the most creative and well-loved underground band in the Anti-folk/Freakfolk communities of New York City and beyond, stacking up 10 albums and numerous tours through the US, Europe, and Japan (including performances with such acts as The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Moldy Peaches, Ween, Black Dice, Jeffrey Lewis, Animal Collective and others) as well as a press reputation that often name-dropped stylistic comparisons to Frank Zappa, Deerhoof, The Moldy Peaches, Devendra Banhart, and The Dirty Projectors. In addition to recording over 20 full-length albums under his solo moniker or in collaborative projects, Seth Faergolzia is also a clothing designer, painter and sculptor. He has written well over 1,000 songs. His new solo music demonstrates the same boundless musical creativity and vocal acrobatics as his former band, but with an increasingly honed wisdom and intimacy. Seth Faergolzia’s uniquely virtuosic combination of weirdness and warmth continues to set him ahead of his contemporaries. His most recent album DUFUS: ETH (now on CD and vinyl) is a farewell to the Dufus project; it was fan-funded and released in September 2010 on the night of Dufus’ sold out 13th Anniversary performance in New York City. Such artists as Regina Spektor and Adam Green joined the band on this special evening. Seth Faergolzia is now taking to the road with a “one-man-band” setup: an added bass drum on his foot and keyboard/noise and iPod at his fingertips, adeptly operated amidst vocals and acoustic guitar. Recent solo sets draw together new songs, improvisations, electronic samples, and select material from the 13-year history of Dufus, making each night a unique creative experience. JOHN LUDINGTON John Ludington, alt-folk out of Arcata, Ca., has been called “…the lovechild of Beck and Frank Zappa…who has to be considered one of the most daring and interesting songwriters on ye olde North Coast… » Andrew Goff (Northcoast Journal). Born and raised in upstate New York, John has been writing and performing since his father taught him his first chord at age 9. By 14, he had formed and fronted his first band, Barefoot Gravediggers, who performed to consistently large and devoted crowds. Their full length release, ‘Chewing Lessons De España’ is still a sought after favorite. John’s travels have led him to busk the subways of Boston, compose the score for a stilt walking piece for The Carpetbag Brigade, and play bass for Absynth Quintet, a popular gypsy-grass band of which he is currently a member. Throughout these adventures, John continues to write songs and has acquired a huge cache of material including four full length albums. His latest release, ‘Finn’, is being met with enthusiastic acclaim. ‘Finn’ has the soul of a sawdust strewn three-ring circus. John’s virtuosic guitar arrangements, interlacing melodies and engaging lyrics all work in simpatico to culminate into a one-man calliope. ‘Finn’ is an album of sound pictures about fallen superheroes, ghost haunted halls of a condemned asylum, the fever dream of a cubicle bound office worker and visions of the intellectual revolution, all captured through the lens of John’s vivid imagination. “My very talented friend John Ludington just finished a new record. It’s called Finn. He is one of the most creative and unique writers! Some other friends participated in the art/music on this record too- it’s very special…” Regina Spektor (singer/songwriter) « John’s music makes you feel like you’re part of a club. A club of earthlings, all spinning around the sun, innocent, curious, beautiful. I think if aliens come, John should be the first to say hi. » Devin Farren (singer/songwriter) « …how Nick Drake would have sounded if he’d run away and joined the circus in his teenage years. » Steve Small (Daydream Generation) I hope to hear from you soon. Regards. Alain Some Noise asbl C/O Alain Bolle PO BOX 43 1050 Brussels 5 Belgium


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