Dear all,

I am booking some dates for LAU NAU.
She's available either solo or with her band.

Availability: from 17th May 2013 onwards.

Lau Nau is a moniker for the free spirited Finnish artist Laura
Naukkarinen. Since the release of her celebrated debut full length album
Kuutarha on Chicago’s Locust Music in 2005, and the follow up Nukkuu
(Locust, Fonal 2008), Lau Nau has enjoyed considerable recognition for her
intimate and playful blend of ethnic tinged experimental folk songs. In
recent years, her live shows have earned her a special place among a
legion of fans. This was further cemented when a Lau Nau performance in
Philadelphia was counted among The Wire magazine’s “60 Concerts that shook
the world” in its February, 2007 issue.
As a live performer, Laura has enjoyed opportunities to perform in a wide
array of venues from various contemporary art centres and small informal
spots like Tokyo's Super Deluxe to larger spaces like New York’s Anthology
Film Archives and Knitting Factory, Bush Hall in London, Palais de Tokyo
in Paris, Shanghai world expo and the Avanto festival in Helsinki.
She is also known for playing live musical scores to silent films with
Matti Bye ensemble, for example "Häxan" and "L'heureuse mort" in Castro
Theatre, San Francisco Silent Film Festival. She has done music for Magnum
photo, Daido Moriyama's exhibition, documentary films, tv-series and dance
pieces. Recently Lau Nau has been active making sound installations.
Naukkarinen has been an active presence in the Finnish underground for the
last decade playing in groups like Kiila, Hertta Lussu Ässä, Päivänsäde,
Avarus and the Anaksimandros, organizing concerts, publishing a magazine
and running a handful of small labels starting with Winter cow, POK and,
more recently, the Peippo label.

I hope to hear from you asap.

Have a nice week end.


Some Noise asbl
C/O Alain Bolle
1050 Brussels 5

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