Dear all,

I am booking some dates for SIGHTINGS.
They are available on 9th April, 29th and 30th April 2013.

This offer is for Belgium only.

Name any rock band and chances are you can connect its music back to some
formal antecedent--Chuck Berry, the Velvet Underground, the Beatles or
even just the blues. Sightings are unburdened by--even outside of--that
history. The trio's lineup is as basic as they come: drummer, bassist,
guitarist who sings. It's just that those elements seem based on some
intuitive science that the rest of humanity hasn't quite gotten hip to
yet." – Mike Wolf, Time Out New York

Crafting a lasting personal aesthetic in the midst of our ephemeral music
culture is as rare as it is cause for celebration. With the release of
City of Straw Brooklyn's Sightings can be counted among the few
contemporary bands who have forged a unique voice amongst the racket.

Recorded over a number of months in 2009 at The Ocropolis (Oneida's
Brooklyn, NY studio), the band's seventh studio album becomes the crucible
from which their grandest and most coherent statement finally emerges.

Sightings has never presented a particularly welcoming façade and their
sui generis music has perhaps been passed over by less discerning
listeners over the eleven years of their existence, but throughout this
they have created a singular body of work appreciated and touted by the
likes of Sonic Youth's Thurston Moore and Andrew WK. If you've missed the
boat up until now – City of Straw is the ideal venue to experience the
band's mastery of extreme timbres, astounding instrumental prowess and
yes, extraordinary song-craft.
Sightings will insist (and we agree wholeheartedly) that at their core
they are a rock band working within the context of pop song-craft. As
bassist Richard Hoffman told us recently, "I think everyone in the band
tries to remember the value of minimalism. Ultimately I think we try to
write pop music, where there's no chaff and everything has a place."
With a deep reach beyond the spirit of their influence from greats like
Birthday Party, Dead C and Jesus Lizard, City of Straw finds Sightings
working at the peak of their creative powers and is the perfect
re-introduction to one of New York's most accomplished bands.

I hope to hear from you soon....



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