Dear all,


I’m booking some dates for UNEVEN ELEVEN that is featuring Kawabata Makoto, Charles Haywars, Guy Segers


Availability: From 15th june backwards

Territory: Everywhere.



2KILOS & MORE (France)

Availability: 24th April + between 13th and 20th June 2013

Territory: Belgium





unEVEN ELeven is a startling new initiative, taking the ‘ROCK POWER TRIO’

outside down a dark alley and beating the shit out of it, all for its own good and with artistic expression, creativity and freedom at the heart of each act of bone crunching depravity; FOR REAL!!! plus small mountain flowers like the edelweiss and moonlight shadows.


Kawabata Makoto guitarist, multi-instrumentalist


Since 1978 he has been the leader of ACID MOTHERS TEMPLE, a group which seems to be in a constant state of movement, whilst also finding time for playing solo and with many bands and projects, often in collaborations such as ACID MOTHERS GONG (with Daevid ALLEN and Gilli SMYTH), ACID MOTHERS GURU GURU (with Mani NEUMEIER), as well as performances and recordings with luminaries of the deep global underground like Simeon of

SILVER APPLES, Damo SUZUKI (ex.CAN),                    J.F. PAUVROS,

Keiji HAINO, etc.


Guy Segers bass guitar


Playing since 1965, first recording « Hérésie » with UNIVERS ZERO (1978).

Guy continued to perform and record with UNIVERS ZERO for the next 10 years, touring throughout Europe. Later he worked with several groups investigating and developing diverse musical attitudes. Guy has been involved with many bands and recordings including WIM BIG BAND (with Albert MANGELSDORF, Peter BROTZMANN, etc.), Pierre VERVLOESEM (with Charles HAYWARD), X-LEGGED SALLY, Tim HODGKINSON (with Dagmar KRAUSE), GUTS, Franck BALESTRACCI, Princesse Mansia M’BILA, FINNEGANS WAKE, The MORTON FORK GANG, ACID MOTHERS TEMPLE (with Makoto KAWABATA), ACID MOTHERS GURU GURU & GONG (with Daevid ALLEN), Morgan AGREN. He is currently a member of the Belgian band EMERGENT SEA.



Charles Hayward drums, keyboard, voice


Drummer, songwriter, vocalist, Charles’ first recording was QUIET SUN with Phil MANZANERA and he went on to be prime instigator of THIS HEAT and CAMBERWELL NOW. Since the late 80’s he has worked primarily as a solo performer, playing throughout the world and releasing a series of discs, each proposing a possible future. He has also initiated group, site specific and installation projects, deliberately using contrary

methodologies: song and improvisation, tonality and noise. Collaborations include MASSACRE (with Fred FRITH and Bill LASWELL), The RAINCOATS, COIL and ABOUT GROUP (with Alexis TAYLOR of HOT CHIP). Recent solo releases include cd ‘ONE BIG ATOM’ and vinyl 12” TRADEMARK GROUND.





2KILOS & MORE (France)


2kilos &More is a french duo from Paris created in 2003. The press talk about them as a subtle mix between ambient-electronica (Warp), post-rock

(Labradford) because of the constant but measured use of melodic guitars and acoustic instruments (like bass, drum, sensula..) with experimental influences (Zoviet*France). The new album « kurz vor5 », out in May 2012, is produced by the legendary Norscq (The Grief, Colder…


I hope to hear from you asap.











Some Noise asbl

C/O Alain Bolle


1050 Brussels 5




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