Dear all, I’m booking some dates for HARSH in early June and one only for GENERATION OF VIPERS + SEVERE: GENERATION OF VIPERS (USA) Availability: 3rd September 2013 Territory: Belgium SEVERE (Belgium) Availability: 3rd September Territory: Belgium HARSH (+ ARNAUD PAQUOTTE) Availability: In June on 2nd, 5th, 7th, 8th Territory: Europe GENERATION OF VIPERS GENERATION OF VIPERS is a progressive/post metal band who were formed by B.J. Graves (percussion),C. Rawls (bass) and J. Holt (guitars,vocals) in 2004.They began performing their own original music live early in 2005 and in 2006 released their debut album « Grace » on their own label,Red Witch Recordings.In 2007 the band released their second album « Dead Circle ». GENERATION OF VIPERS music is comparable to bands such as NEUROSIS,GODFLESH,ISIS,BREACH and CELTIC FROST and is highly recommended. SEVERE Another cool newness is this self-titled by Belgian band Severe, brought to my attention through my pals PTD171 and Luxury_Cannibal over at Perception Through Dissonance. Severe play this really abrasive and raw sounding black punk metal. Do not confuse them with the roll of latest blackened hardcore crust wave, these guys have nothing to do with that.. these are true grim punkers with their hands dirty with blood. Delivering 5 tracks of the most pure and filthy caustic black punk metal made here in the old Europa, Severe present us some really good tracks and i look forward to hear most of this band in the future. Recommended for fans of acts like Black Monolith or even Hexis. Check them out below and stay out of drugs kids. HARSH (with Arnaud Paquotte) HERVE BOGHOSSIAN : electric guitar, amp modulations, feedback : Born in Marseille, hyperactive on the experimental music scene since 1999 (at that time in Paris until 2006) In 2003, he released his first solo album « rvb » (featuring Gastr Del Sol »s David Grubbs on piano) on his own imprint (former) LIST, based on sine waves, guitar feedback & bass clarinet), then that same year he began to more focus on textured guitar digital treatments with a release on the prestigious german label Raster-Noton (Alva Noto, Ryoji Ikeda…) in 2003, in parallel he began to work on improv collaborating with the likes of Günter Müller, AMM (Prévost/Tilbury), Tetuzi Akiyama…and releasing his trio Plateformes with Matthieu Saladin (amplified bass clarinet) & Stéphane Rives (soprano saxophone) in 2006 on canadian label (1.8)seconds label, on this release he focus on the modulation of electric guitar feedback. That same year, see the release of « Achi.Texture vol.1 on english label Cathnor, a composition piece for piano, cello & digital treatments, with contributions of english musicians John Tilbury & Mark Wastell. After these releases, he decided to focus on live and stop releasing albums for a while. So he toured a lot (Europe, USA & Japan) with different musicians & projects and particulary Tetuzi Akiyama with whom he has a regular duo. Since 2005, he begins an acoustic guitar solo, firstly improvised (but melodic) what will end in Harvey Digger compositions in fall 2010 and beginning to write lyrics and sing in 2011. In January 2012, he created Harsh with François Rossi, like un unlogical sequel to his electric guitar feedback experiment in a more hardcore, wild, rythmic way. In march 2013, he created Long Field Orchestra, a collective of variable ensemble to play his 2012 composition « Long Field » created solo. Each performance will feature a new line-up & instumentation. this project mix almost all his obsessions like folk guitar, feedback, drone, avant pop , confusion between acoustic & electronic sounds, abstract noise, minimalism… FRANCOIS ROSSI : drums & percussion : With a jazz & hardcore background, he improvises with intensity and density. François has 2 hardcore bands, his duo Motto & quartet Das Simple. Motto is more direct powerful technic bass & drums, they shared the stage with Mombu (Zu), Ulan Bator among others. Das Simple is more varied & complex, some kind of hardcore progrressive rock. They recently shared the stage with ex-Sonic Youth with Kim Gordon’s Body/Head, Blurt, Eric Chenaux… He’s also a part of double bassist Barre Phillips improv collective EMIR . His solo consist of ryhtmic drums & guitar (with sticks too) playing. HARSH has nothing to do with harsh noise movement, it’s a search of a radical balance between abstract improv, minimalism & noise rock. If we have to find a style, let’s say Obsessional Free Noise ! Harsh is a real live performance with any pedal effects or computer just drums & electric guitar/amp and a lot of feedback. ARNAUD PAQUOTTE: Arno Paquotte,Michel Doneda, Computer truck,Gol -ensemble de musique direct, Stereo Warfare,Zbigniev Karkowski,Evil Moisture,Erik Minkinen (sister iodine)Antez,,Error, Sam Rushton, Sensational, Kasper Toeplitz, Seiji Murayama,Paquitto Bolino (le dernier cri) ,…and many more ….he worked for sound poetry (arno callega,jean jacques viton, liliane giraudon, emy chauveau,laure maternati …) & Theater (kwaadbloed ,hubert colas,s.Arcas….) I hope to hear from you asap. Regards. Alain Some Noise C/O Alain Bolle PO BOX 43 1050 Brussels 5 Belgium


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