Dear all, I’m booking some dates for LUC EX / VERYAN WESTON / HANNAH MARSHALL / MARK SANDERS. They are available from 22nd June backwards. LUC EX | acoustic bass Dutch Acoustic bass player Luc Ex is a founder member of the punk group The Ex, and since leaving in 2003 has become a force of creative music making and improvisation driven by his punk roots and the Dutch experimental music scene. He worked for many years with the cellist Tom Cora in ‘ROOF’ – A 4tet with vocal virtuoso Phil Minton and drummer Michael Vatcher, which after Tom’s death became 4WALLS with the maverick British pianist Veryan Weston, both groups receiving international acclaim. They were specifically appreciated by their new approach of combining tightly rehearsed pieces with free improvisations. Forming a new group in 2007 with Veryan Weston, Tony Buck, Hannah Marshall, Mandy Drummond and Ingrid Laubrock – SOL 6 saw luc continuing a collaboration with Veryan Weston combining original rhythmically driven pieces with open and highly explosive improvisations, who’s live performance was featured last year on The Arts Council’s ‘Space’ online. He has recently started to work on a new project TRIOLEX with improvisation maestro’s Tristan Honsinger, Phil Minton and African drummer Serigne CM Gueye. “Guaranteed to make hairs stand up where you didn’t know you had any”- Dan Warburton (about 4Walls) VERYAN WESTON | piano Pianist and composer Veryan Weston is regarded, by those who have followed his unusual and fascinating musical path, as one of Europe’s great free improvisers, starting from a jazz background, he is one of very few musicians who has managed to absorb and assimilate his far ranging influences (jazz, particularly Thelonius Monk, West African & Pygmy music, geometrical patterns and their correspondences in rhythm and song) so that his music has become truly his own. His 1990 work ‘Songs from a Prison Diary’ with Phil Minton, won the Cornelius Cardew Composition Prize. He plays regularly in collaboration with Phil Minton, the tenor saxophonoist Trevor Watts, Alto Saxophonist Caroline Kraabel, with extensively with the late Lol Coxhill, and Violinist Jon Rose. As well as working on large solo projects and compositions. « Veryan Weston is one of the most creative musicians in recent times – or, perhaps, ancient times would be closer to the truth, for what is new emanates from the old and what is old gives birth to the new. Weston presides over this conundrum like a medieval apothecary concocting brilliant and powerful and magical potions that take the form of musical scores invented on the spot where time and space collide.” “Weston is an artist who follows the prompts of every raw, neural impulse and his music has the pulse of the eternal heartbeat that fibrillates from the centre of his being—his very soul, it would seem”.- Raul de Gama Rose (review of Haste with Hannah Marshall & Ingrid Laubrock) HANNAH MARSHALL | cello Hannah Marshall is a cellist who is continuing to extract, invent, and exorcize as many sounds and emotional qualities from her instrument as she can. She has been a regular member of Alexander Hawkins’ Ensembles and has toured in Europe and South America with Luc Ex and Veryan Weston’s ensembles – SOL 6 & 12. She plays with ‘String Terrorists’ – Barrel (a trio with Violinist Alison Blunt & Violist/poet Ivor kallin). And has been invited by Fred Frith and Suichi Chino in their residencies at café Oto. She also plays with Terry Day, Tim Hodgkinson, Roger Turner, Paul May, Kay Grant, and the London Improvisers Orchestra. “sublime technical abilities…she reinvents melodic lines, provides spectacular harmonic intervention”…’ sets the pulse around which much of the music revolves” Raul D’Gama Rose “Ask your ears :] Exploring sonic territories and visiting musical antipodes, demonstrating an esoteric approach to instrumentation that is truly unique”- DreamCraeft recommendation for Tulse Hill. MARK SANDERS | drums Mark Sanders has been acclaimed as “the most exciting, original and overwhelmingly powerful drummer alive” (Steve Reynolds, Jazz Corner) and is one of the key figures of European free improvisation, unostentatiously experimental, never using exactly the same kit twice and always seeking out new sonic possibilities and musical potential, his precise and propulsive drumming has graced projects with, to name but a few, Evan Parker, Jah Wobble, Broadcast, Agusti Fernandez, John Butcher, Roswell Rudd, and Otomo Yoshihde Axel Dörner to Wadada Leo Smith, Peter Brötzmann and Matthew Shipp. « ubiquitous, diverse and constantly creative, drummer Mark Sanders always outdoes himself, whether playing with restraint or erupting like a dynamo. » Bruce L Gallenter, Downtown Music Gallery. NY « a gifted player capable of seamless movement between free-rhythms and propulsive swing » John Fordham. The Guardian. I look forward to hearing from you asap. Regards. Alain Some Noise C/O Alain Bolle PO BOX 43 1050 Brussels 5 Belgium


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