Dear all,

I am booking some dates for  MURCOF + PHILIPPE PETIT + MARK CUNNINGHAM.

They have some availabilities in October/November/December 2O13.

Territories: Belgium + The Netherlands.


*MURCOF & PHILIPPE PETIT (feat. Mark Cunnhingham)
It's already been 4 years that Fernando Corona and Petit are working on
their first album and they have already been seen together onstage a few
times... *

They can be joined onstage by Mark Cunningham from Mars, below is an
extract of that trio

Fernando Corona: Electronics
Philippe Petit: Cymbalum, Electric Psalterion, Turntables
Mark Cunningham: Trumpet/Electronics

is the performing and recording name of Mexican electronica artist
Fernando Corona.
Brooding electronics and classical sound sources combine in the
integrated sound world of Murcof. He is a very modern composer, who
utilizes technology to make epic, moving suites of music with a
spiritual undertow. He draws on minimalism, post modernism and baroque
music to create music that moves the mind and heart. His ear for detail
and undulating tempos as well as his sense of space are heightened by
the themes of life, death and eternity that his work touches on.
Composers such as Arvo Pärt, Henryk Górecki and Giya Kancheli are all
suitable comparisons.
His work draws on his exposure to 20th century classical music and his
passion for electronic pioneers like Jean-Michel Jarre and Tangerine
Dream as a teenager, as well as his experiments in noise with his
pre-Murcof doom/avant garde outfit, Elohim. He has released 4 critically
acclaimed albums and an EP on UK's The Leaf Label. The groundbreaking
debut album Martes album (2002) is an established classic of minimal
electronic composition. All these elements swarm together in his current
phase of monumental sound construction which integrates acoustic,
analogue and digital elements seamlessly.
Live performances over the years have included a site specific
performance at Greenwich Planetarium (in collaboration with the Royal
Astronomer), Montreaux Jazz Festival (collaboration with Talvin Singh &
Erik Truffaz) and L’Auditori at Sonar Festival in Barcelona (with the
pianist Francesco Tristano). In 2008 Murcof toured a new work called
Oceano in collaboration with classical musicians BCN216 and light
sculptor Flicker.
"Mindblowing, like Sunn 0))) playing Ligeti in a galaxy far, far away.

PHILIPPE PETIT loves to play live and onstage uses an Electric
Psalterion + Cymbalum + an amplified wood-tablet, a washboard-like
kitchen tool, various glass/knives/inflatable balloons... Topping it all
he plays prepaired vinyls. Assaulting turntables to take advantage of
the vinyl material to fondle released sounds, raking the needle across
the record's grooves, rubbing their stylus on paper, cardboard, metal to
process unusual noises and textures. Dancing... Enjoying to perform and
entertain the audience.
Not musically trained/educated Petit lies outside the Classical genre
but his scores incorporate traditional classical components in a
predominantly unconventional manner which recently allowed his joining
in Jean-Paul Dessy's prestigious Musiques Nouvelles ensemble, as well as
the European Chamber Orchestra
PETIT has assembled what people call a dream-team of collaborators,
often joining Murcof, E.C.O., Lydia Lunch or Faust onstage, and working
with: Foetus, Eugene Robinson (Oxbow), Edward Ka-Spel (Legendary Pink
Dots), Kumo, Scott McCloud (Girls Against Boys), Cosey Fanni Tutti
(Throbbing Gristle), Fennesz, Machinefabriek, My Brightest Diamond,
Sybarite, Pantaleimon, Graham Lewis (Wire), Barry Adamson, Scanner,
Cindytalk, Mira Calix, Kammerflimmer Kollektief, Guapo, Leafcutter John,
James Johnston (Gallon Drunk/Bad Seeds/Faust), ASVA, Jarboe and many more...

Born in New Jersey on April 7, 1952, MARK CUNNINGHAM started playing
trumpet at age seven, guitar at 13 and bass at 17. Attended college in
St Pete, Florida, where he met and collaborated in music and theatre
with Arto Lindsay.
Moved to Manhattan in 1974 with Lindsay and soon after formed the
beginnings of the No Wave with Sumner Crane, China Burg (Lucy Hamilton)
and Nancy Arlen in Mars. With this group took part in the legendary "No
New York" LP (1978), produced by Brian Eno (with James Chance & The
Contortions, Teenage Jesus & The Jerks -Lydia Lunch- and DNA -Arto
In 1980 produced Sumner Crane´s no wave opera, "John Gavanti", on own
label Hyrax, inspired by Mozart's "Don Giovanni" and the works of
Mississippi bluesman Bukka White. In 82 started the group Don King with
Duncan Lindsay and Lucy Hamilton. Later formations included Arto Lindsay
and Tony Maimone (Pere Ubu). In the eighties also collaborated with many
others including Lydia lunch, Christian Marclay, Rudolph Grey, J.G.
Thirlwell (Clint Ruin/Jim Foetus) and Fist of Facts.
First visited Barcelona in 1986 on tour with Don King and began
collaborating with Barcelona musicians such as Gat, Victor Nubla and
Anton Ignorant. On subsequent visits collaborated with Buildings and
began first formation of Raeo. Moved to Barcelona in 1991 and in the
following years developed the concept of Raeo and began working with
Pascal Comelade in his Bel Canto Orchestra as well as taking part in
projects and concerts with other groups such as Superelvis, Beef,
Telefilme, Mil Dolores Pequeños, Jakob Draminsky and Butch Morris. With
Raeo took part in various tours of Spain, France and Switzerland.
In 1997 recorded first solo CD, "Blood River Dusk" (Por Caridad
Producciones), with collaboration and assistance of Silvia Mestres.
Since then has presented solo concerts around Spain and France,
including a series of four concerts in the Fin-de-siecle New York
festival in Nantes (December, 1998) all with the artistic design of
Silvia Mestres.
Convolution is the new musical/visual expression of Mark Cunningham and
Silvia Mestres.

I hope to hear from you asap.



Some Noise
C/O Alain Bolle
1050 Brussels 5


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