Dear all, I’m booking one date for MATTHEW COLLINGS. MATTHEW COLLINGS Availability: 26th October Territory: The Netherlands + Belgium MATTHEW COLLINGS Combining the structures of minimal composition with avant-garde guitar music, Collings uses the amplifier as an instrument and the guitar as a control device for digital processes. Using numbers of ‘prepared amplifiers’, he coaxes unique sounds by placing bells, rice and wood directly onto the speaker cone and manipulating the physical vibrations with his fingers, producing a highly visual and physical performance. These approaches a viscerally demonstrated on his debut full-length release ‘Splintered Instruments’ (2013). This music is is textural, melodic and often sonically overwhelming. His work for films includes a specially commissioned live score for Dziga Vertov’s 1929 silent classic, ‘The Man with the Movie Camera’ for the Reykjavik Design Festival (2010) and an invitation to work on ‘The Invisibles’ (2010), a commission from Amnesty International with Ben Frost, featuring Gael Garcia Bernal. His score for Hákon Palsson´s film ‘Guilt’ was recently performed at the opening of the Glasgow Short Film Festival. His work has also featured in Installations at Glasgow City Halls (2011), Glasgow Royal Concert Hall, Dundee Neon Digital Arts Festival (2010, UK), Burning Man Festival (2010, USA), Chattanooga Gallery of Contemporary Art (2010, USA), Icelandic Academy of Arts (Iceland, 2009) and Manipulate Festival (UK, 2011). He has performed alongside many respected artists in his field, including Tim Hecker, Ben Frost, Chris Corsano, Nico Muhly and Jasper TX. Collings has already found considerable praise from the international community for his previous releases under the curious moniker Sketches for Albinos, releasing three full lengths albums in the US, UK and Japan. I hope to hear from you asap. Regards. Alain Some Noise C/O Alain Bolle PO BOX 43 1050 Brussels 5 Belgium


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