Dear all,

I am booking one date for JESU.

Territory: Belgium
Availaility! 17th September

Metal and shoegazing indie music, they're hardly the most obvious of
bedfellows now are they? I remember well when the shoegazer scene was just
bubbling out of the Thames Valley, and NME quickly saw a chance to label
it as music for bed-wetters. Of course we at Boomkat renounce that
statement with all the breath we have left in our bodies, and thankfully
in the last few years bands like Slowdive, Ride and their soppy chums have
enjoyed a renaissance of sorts. Shoegazer rock ran off to a Caribbean
island and was married in secret with electronica, giving birth to Ulrich
Schnauss and M83 among others, but this was hardly the biggest of
surprises. These artists re-interpreted the sounds they had grown up with
using a different, newer production method, and while it was hugely
successful it wasn't pushing the sound into genuinely fresh places. This
is where we come to Justin Broadrick, a man who had a hand in pioneering
the sound we would come to know as grindcore with his stint in Napalm
Death and under the Godflesh moniker. He's not someone you'd instantly
imagine to be swayed by the melancholic sound of Slowdive and My Bloody
Valentine, but under his Jesu guise he has slowly transformed his
signature brand of post-industrial metal into something altogether more
original. It was last year's 'Silver' EP that really began to whet our
appetites, in just a handful of tracks he showed us how the sound of metal
could actually sound melancholic and triumphant, and not in the same way
as ISIS or Pelican. No, Broadrick was unashamed to wear his influences on
his sleeve and unafraid to go deep into the shoegazer sound - powerful
synthesizer leads, heartfelt vocals, crushing waves of guitar; and after
all of this we were still left with a record that was intrinsically metal.
'Conqueror' is the full-length followup to 'Silver' and takes Broadrick's
sound even further, framing it properly and giving it the grounding it
needs to break through genre barriers. It's not often that an artist
manages to carry on pushing the boundaries throughout his entire career,
but Broadrick is indeed doing this with 'Conqueror', a record that could
just as easily appeal to fans of Ulrich Schnauss as fans of Black Sabbath.
Just skip to the album's ten minute centrepiece 'Weightless & Horizontal';
beginning with a gorgeous synthesizer drone we are carried into the body
of the song with crushing distorted guitars before Broadrick's signature
vocal - this could be My Bloody Valentine on half speed, and that's no bad
thing. With links to the burgeoning doom/drone metal scene (especially in
tempo) Broadrick manages somehow to sidestep the trappings of overplayed
theatrics and faux-drama and keeps what is actually good about it, yet at
the end we're left with a pop song. 'Conquerer' is in essence eight pop
songs and while they don't adhere to pop rules, you'll find yourself
playing them again and again, reciting the lyrics to yourself without
realizing it and playing them to your friends, desperate for them to hear
it like you hear it. This could be the best indie album of the year, and
also the best metal album - so leave your pre-conceptions at the door and
jump right in, you won't be disappointed.

I hope to hear from you asap.



Some Noise
C/O Alain Bolle
1050 Brussels 5

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