Booking offers: CINDYTALK / E.A.R. /ASTMA

Dear all,


I’m booking some dates for E.A.R. / CINDYTALK / ASTMA




Territory: Europe

Availabilities: Between 15th and 30th October + between 15th and 30th November.



E.A.R. (UK)

Territory: Belgium

Available: On request


ASTMA (Russia)

Territories: France, Belgium, Holland, Germany

Availabilities: between 10th and 15th December





August post-punk survivor Gordon Sharp aka Cindytalk returns with A Life Is Everywhere, surely his most volatile, lyrical and consuming work since his creative re-birth on Editions Mego a couple years back; here he gravitates away from the dawn-treading digital ambience of his recent sides and towards a noisier, more expansive destination, whilst also exploring some of the most beautiful, accessible harmonic themes of his entire career. ‘On A Pure Plane’ is the purest, plainest example of this

fusion: it collages elegiac string pads with curdled, corrosive power electronics, staking out a middle ground between GAS’s Zauberberg and Kevin Drumm’s Sheer Hellish Miasmah, while ‘Time To Fall’’s trebly, ecstatic Vibracathedral-esque drone raga is slowly peeled back to reveal a glassy supporting structure of angelic choral sounds. ‘My Drift Is A Ghost’ lays the distortion on even thicker, this time buttressing it with murky, mortar-fire industrial percussion reminiscent of Alberich or Vatican Shadow; ‘Interruptum’’s elegant, light-refracting electronics are equal parts sacred music and INA-RGM; and ‘As If We Had Once Been’ is in-the-red but deftly turned, dub-conscious minimal synth, its heart-rending melody calling to mind Sand Circles’ heatsick city visions – proper Terminator blues. These pieces are intricately constructed mechanisms, not let-it-all-hang-out improvisations; even at their most brutal, they have a balance and elegance to them that’s proof of a master at work.



E.A.R. (Sonic Boom)

Experimental Audio Research was formed in 1990 by Sonic Boom as a solo and collaborative ensemble in order to pursue the more experimental work he had contributed to Spacemen 3 since the 1980s.

The project revolves around two separate yet overlapping areas – studio recording and live performance, both environments being treated as complimentary but different sides of the same coin.

EAR’s main ethos, embodied in their acronymous name, is one of necessary experimentation. They create a space where any sound or texture, technique or emotion is treated as a possible contribution to the piece(s) in hand.

The same applies to the interaction of the performers improvisation and integration are left open, until what feels like the right moment, all the while keeping an eye on the whole, and avoiding a forum where concept overtakes content.




The duo with Olga Nosova (drummer and vocalist mostly known for her work with Moscow fusion band « Syncopated Silence » and postpunk band « Motherfathers ») is one of the latest projects of veteran of Russian electro-pop/new-wave/industrial scene Alexei Borisov (Center, Notchnoi Prospekt, VOLGA, Screaming Strings, F.R.U.I.T.S. etc…) and noticeably very fast-developing – their mind-boggling and powerful music is already highly acclaimed among the music lovers not only in Russia, but around the world!

The collaborative project was formed in April 2009 in Moscow. Paying homage to both experimental tradition of Alexei’s countless musical reincarnations and Olga’s instrumental experience, the duo embrace elements of weird free-form spoken word psychedelia, live electronics, free rock, electro-pop, folk, dub etc….


I hope to hear from you asap.









Some Noise

C/O Alain Bolle


1050 Brussels 5






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