Booking Offers: IGNATZ / HACKACOMB

Dear all,


I’m booking some dates for IGNATZ and HACKACOMB



IGNATZ (Belgium)

Territory: Europe

Availability: From mid November onwards + on request


HACKACOMB (Switzerland)

Territory: The Netherlands + Belgium

Availability: Between 25th and 27th November




He can perform either solo or as a trio feat. De Stervende Honden.

“This album feels more fleshed out than its predecessors – less like a haunted house, more like a couple of animatronic polar bears playing the blues in a really good zoo.” (…) “an intriguing cloud-stew of sounds” (…) “There are also vibrational similarities to players such as Jack Rose, Brother JT, Ben Chasny and Matt Valentine [..] but there’s something very specific about the lo-fi approach. The crackedness of the surface here is not exactly like the crackedness of any other music I can name. This is a trick not many can manage these days, so next time you run into Ignatz give him a small whisky and a hot doughnut. He has earned it.




HACKACOMB uses miniature instruments and odd items taken from daily life, to play music which appears miniature as well. The sounds are amplified, often to the extreme, revealing their surprising nature, their existence itself and their vasteness. The intention is then to swamp the audience in a swell of unidentified sounds screamed through loud speakers.

After specialising in acoustic concerts, in apartment and even bathrooms, for small audiences, under the name of Homeson 24, Hackacomb explores new and high degrees of sound amplification like the potential power of a piece of cardboard or toy piano.



Thanks for reading and hopefully listening.


I hope to hear from you asap.










Some Noise

C/O Alain Bolle


1050 Brussels 5






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