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Dear all, I’m booking some dates for AP MUSIK and SNEERS. AP MUSIK (Finland) Availability: from mid January 2014. Mostly during week-ends Territory: Europe YANNIS KYRIAKIDES/ANDY MOOR Availability: 25th, 26th, 27th, 29th March 2014 Territory: Europe AP MUSIK Aleksi Perala, aka the talented Finn behind Ovuca, sheds another brilliant load of certified braindance on ‘Mental Union 3′. With a knack for naif alien melody, spherical sound design and the punchiest drums this side of AFX, his sound is a perfect distillation of IDM memes done with humour and skill, hence his close relationship with Rephlex over the years. These 17 tracks are a controlled mind-burst of colourful harmony and supple groove, jackin’ ideas from house, techno, jungle and classic European electronics into his own strange soundworld. And it’s sequenced for a proper, immersive listen, cycling from the space-setting parameters of ‘Highland’ thru strident radiopphonic boogie in ‘Minnie’ thru a run of acid techno bits including the rubbery lather of ‘Carwash’ to sheer braindance delights such as the exquisite ‘Snowfall’ and the lysergic jungle tingle ‘Summer DNB’, before culminating in a run of iced-out electronic beauties strongly recalling Mika Vainio at his purest, but lush rather than vodka-bellied. YANNIS KYRIAKIDES/ANDY MOOR (UK/Greece) At first glance, they have nothing musical in common at all. One is a classically trained composer, the other an autodidact from the rock and punk scene. And yet, the Greek Yannis Kyriakides and the Brit Andy Moor have found one another in rebetika, Greek urban bar music from the turn of the last century, which is sometimes known as Greek blues. There is nothing traditional, however, about the duo. “We deconstruct classics in order to reassemble them again, creating our own thing,” 
Andy Moor says. The Londoner moved to the Netherlands to join the legendary punk band The Ex 22 years ago. He encountered rebetika by chance, when he was still part of the band Dog Faced Hermans. “We received many requests for CD swaps, but we were often sent really terrible music, Turkish hard-core, that kind of thing [laughs]. When a Greek contacted me for an exchange, I accepted on the condition that they send me something traditional. That is when I received my first rebetika cassette, 27 years ago. It is wonderful music, I was captivated 
instantly!” Yannis Kyriakides may be Greek, but rebetika was never really an important aspect of his work. He is mainly specialised in mixing classical music with modern electronica, and in digital media and multimedia opera. Moor and Kyriakides started covering classic rebetika songs in 2000, using an electric violin, oud, and accordion. 
“Traditional stuff, but what was the point, it had all been done before, and much better,” Moor says. “So we started improvising as a duo, on guitar and electronica, with live sampling.” Constant experimentation Deconstruct and reassemble, that is what the duo does with their favourite rebetika songs. “I pick a song and send it to Yannis. He then puts it in his magic machine,” Moor says. “I’m not sure exactly how he does it. He makes samples of the songs, stretches the music, reworks it into a new musical foundation on which I then compose one or two melodies on guitar. We take that as a starting point and start improvising on it. Live, he samples me the whole time, adding another element we can play with. Consequently, no two concerts are ever the same and we never
really know what to expect, which is really exciting!” I hope to hear from you asap. Regards. Alain Some Noise C/O Alain Bolle PO BOX 43 1050 Brussels 5 Belgium


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