Dear all,


I am booking some dates for CHARLES HAYWARD, SPOO and PEPE WISMEER



Availability: from 10th February 2014 onwards

Territory: Europe



Availability: between 19th April and 5th May 2014

Territory: Europe


SPOO (France)

Availability: Between 19th and 21st + between 23rd and 28th February 2014

Territory: Europe





Charles Hayward (born 1951) is an English drummer and was a founding member of the experimental rock group This Heat. He also played with Mal Dean’s Amazing Band, Radar Favourites, Dolphin Logic, and gigged and recorded with old schoolfriend and « Pooh and the Ostrich Feather » member Phil Manzanera in the group Quiet Sun project as well as a short stint with Gong. On one occasion he also played drums for the anarchist punk band Crass.



Have you ever had one of those dreams that you wake up from and you’re not quite sure if it was a good dream or a bad dream? One could easily imagine Pepe Wismeer as your own personal Virgil, leading you through the different realms of inferno, purgatory, and paradise, all at the same time. The music is often sparse, bordering at times on the whimsical, but always filtered through the haze of almost consciousness. Wismeer is certainly an artist who knows the use of tension in music. Evidently I wasn’t the only one who thought this. After giving it a listen, I took a look at how the label described the album: ‘Pigs, in there? Yes, but if you count them, they will become sheep, which is appropriate as Pepe’s music is like drifting into a dream. His hushed vocals sigh just beneath the melody, as if he were in camera with woodland deities.’ What makes this all work is his voice though. It is like a cross between Edward Ka-Spel and the singer from Frazier Chorus.



These three love the stroke of the whip, shouts and gesticulations. We could des cribe it as hardcore or we could say nothing.

SPOO is a machine of massive deregula

tion. In their world, the axis is often repe titive. It swells up to almost ruin. And even if the trio occassionally calm the game, just the moment of a frail breath, they never forget the ancestral fire. The pedestal is now tribal, wild. In this sense, they recall the best moments of the Ex.


I would like to her from you as soon as possible.







Some Noise

C/O Alain Bolle


1050 Brussels 5



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