Dear all,



I’m booking some dates for  E-SAXBOW and  MOSCA VIOLENTA.




E-SAXBOW (France)

Territory: France, Switzerland, Germany, The Netherlands Availability;

7 – 9 Feb. : France

10 – 12 Feb. : Switzerland

13 – 17 Feb. : Germany

18 – 19 Feb. : The Nethelands

20 – 21 feb. : Belgium

22 Feb France




Availability: February 2014

Territories: Italy, Austria, Switerland, Belgium





In its plastic and experimental research, e-SaxBow builds original sound material of wave motions, organic masses, synthetic rains, abstract sounds and cosmic bells.

Florent Colautti plays a six strings instrument (the e-String), hybrid home-made electroacoustic. He controls electronic bows which stimulate the strings. Then he transforms the acoustic vibrations with a chain of effects.

François Wong amplifies a baritone saxophone with a mouthpiece microphone. The wave is transformed by an analogical/digital set of effects played through a tube amplifier.

Their approach – focused on the musical result – is based on fundamental

principles: the importance of the primary source, always acoustic; the importance of a real-time show; the importance of a live stage performance.

In an acoustic/electronic ambivalence, they challenge, shape and compose an illusion. Their singular music prompts a letting go of emotions and draws an emotional path which brings the dream to life.





“No misunderstanding, despite its name rather incongruous “Eyes Of The Head” has nothing to do with a banda or ska band since it’s an instrumental trio bass-drums-saxophone native of Caen, which just released its third album “Mosca Violenta” at Head Records, a label not really known for its festive side … yes you read that right, no guitar on board, but a saxophone, that thus ensures a bit of originality. A tip to start: do not rely on fast-paced first few minutes of the “cake” to form an opinion, you have it all wrong … “Mosca Violenta” certainly connects with class and ease the musical styles but remains throughout this disc an unfathomable darkness.

One foot in the noise, the other in jazz more or less “free” Eye Of The Head as suggested so his bio is that Shellac meet John Zorn, this is heavy, tight, angular and demanding. In this kind of music, everything is a matter of chemistry and there it works perfectly between copper, strings and drums to weave these ten titles all the more unhealthy than the others. If pressing, crushing, twisting brain is an experience that tempts you, then go ahead with your eyes closed, you will not be disappointed with the trip!



I hope to hear from you as soon as possible.



All the best.









Some Noise

C/O Alain Bolle


1050 Brussels 5




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