Dear all, I’m booking a few dates for THE SIGHT BELOW, MARK FELL as SENSATE FOCUS. THE SIGHT BELOW (USA) Availability: 26th January 2014 Territory: Belgium MARK FELL as SENSATE FOCUS (UK) Availability: December 2013, January/February 2014 Territory: France THE SIGHT BELOW The Sight Below is an ambient techno/shoegaze act from Seattle, Washington. Its main member is American post-minimalist composer Rafael Anton Irisarri. Sam Valenti IV signed The Sight Below to his Ghostly International imprint in 2008 after listening to a demo tape. A promotional EP No Place for Us was soon released by the label as a free MP3 download on August 26, 2008.[1] The Sight Below debuted its live set at Seattle’s KEXP radio station on September 20, 2008.[2] The in-studio session was recorded and is available on Ghostly’s website as a podcast (GhostlyCast #18).[3] A well-received performance followed at the Ghostly International showcase during Decibel Festival.[4] These performances paved the way for an extensive European tour that saw the artist perform at 18 different cities in the continent, including Unsound Festival in Krakow, Poland, EME Festival in Lisbon, Portugal, S.O.Y. Festival in Nantes, France and TimeZones Festival in Bari, Italy.[5] The Sight Below’s full-length debut album Glider was released in the United States on November 2008 and January 2009 worldwide. It is available as both a physical and digital release. The album was very well received by the press and music community, including praise from Radiohead’s Thom Yorke, who charted « At First Touch » on his January 6, 2009 « Office Chart » posting on the band’s website Dead Air Space.[6] Murmur EP followed in 2009, including remixes by Arctic techno pioneer Biosphere, Eluvium and Simon Scott (formerly of Slowdive and Lowgold). The Sight Below’s second full-length, It All Falls Apart, was released on April 6, 2010. It features music written with the aforementioned Simon Scott and a cover version of Joy Division’s « New Dawn Fades » (with guest vocals by Tiny Vipers). Described by All Music Guide as “impeccably made ambient thump-and-drone”, Pitchfork Media called it « A beautifully bleak cloud of sound » while XLR8R magazine gave it a 9/10 ranking and praised it as “an astounding range of visceral sonic possibilities…a hurricane passing over an ocean, gathering heat and force while simultaneously cooling the waters below.” MARK FELL as SENSATE FOCUS Mark Fell is available for installations, performances, exhibitions and also live performances as Sensate Focus. He would love to come to France between the months of December 2013 and the end of February 2014. Mark Fell is usually known for his partnership with Mat Steel as the Sheffield-based duo SND. The two have been releasing records on labels such as Mille Plateaux and Raster-Noton since the late 1990s, taking a six year break (with only the pseudonymous Blir album released during that gap) between 2002-’08. They came back with a vengeance, opening an extensive tour for Autechre and releasing the triple 12″ 4,5,6, followed swiftly by the album Atavism in ’09. But in 2010 and ’11, Fell released no less than four solo albums. Solo, the angular electronics and palette specificity were familiar to SND fans, as was the algo-rhythmic loveliness of his generative, techno-informed patterns. In early 2012, Fell released his Sensate Focus project. The name also applied to his new imprint – distributed through Peter Rehberg’s Editions Mego label – as well as the title of the release, a two-track 12″. While Sensate Focus sounded unmistakably like Mark Fell, it was a side of him always implied, but never before realised. Its take on house and techno makes those two decades-old ideas sound brand new. Employing a sensual warmth, appropriate for the name, and the familiar energy of dance music, the exploratory rhythm compositions are layered beat patterns with funk and flair, evoking an undeniable body response as well as igniting the imagination. Thanks for reading. I would like to hear from you asap. Regards. Alain Some Noise C/O Alain Bolle PO BOX 43 1050 Brussels 5 Belgium


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