Dear all, I am booking some dates for CONTROL UNIT and TROPHIES. CONTROL UNIT (Italy) Availability: 16th January + between 18th and 23rd + 25th/26th January 2014 Territory: Europe. 16th must be between Geneva and Zurich TROPHIES (International trio) Availability: From 25th April 2014 onwards Territories: Scandinavian countries TROPHIES Trophies is a project led by Alessandro Bosetti – voice and electronics. Focusing on loops of spoken/sung abstract and highly emotional text and features the fretless guitar of Kenta Nagai and the textural and pulse driven drumming of Tony Buck. Focusing on loops of spoken/sung abstract and highly emotional poetry, Bosetti has created a powerful trance band where voice and electronic sound melt with the hallucinatory fretless e-guitar playing of Kenta Nagai and the patiently groovy and virtuoso pulses of Tony Buck. Trophies uses lengthy, repetitive and highly dynamic text-sound forms in a totally unique and genre defying way. In the work of composer Alessandro Bosetti, the gap between music and speech gets a lot smaller. Both in his solo music and with his trio Trophies, he explores what he calls « repetitive speech-loop forms. » Frequently, this involves him recording people either reading lines or speaking extemporaneously, then transposing the recordings into written music. Often, Bosetti then speaks the same words himself in conjunction with that music. On his latest solo CD Royals and Trophies’ new album Become Objects of Daily Use (both released by Polish label Monotype), he constantly questions the roles of music and speech: whether they convey literal meaning, act as pure sound, or do something in between … (Marc Masters – Pitchfork) I look forward to hearing from you asap. Regards. Alain Some Noise C/O Alain Bolle PO BOX 43 1050 Brussels 5 Belgium


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