Dear all, I am booking some dates for THE NIGHTINGALES and KRIMINAL HAMMOND INFERNO THE NIGHTINGALES (UK) Availibility: May 2014 Territory; Europe KRIMINAL HAMMONND INFERNO (Belgium) Availability: Any time Territory: Belgium THE NIGHTINGALES: The Nightingales play a uniquely indigenous, all-encompassing brand of working class rock ‘n’ roll. Beneath the Beefheart lurch and the Stooges stomp you can hear football chants and northern soul, blues and bluebeat, folk song and country and western; even music hall and Frank Sinatra. Filter this through mainman Robert Lloyd’s own experiences, observations, temperament and talent and you’ve got music that is as original as it is uncompromising – BEN GRAHAM/STOOL PIGEON, UK Yet nothing in Subway Sect’s admittedly excellent return could have prepared for the astonishing revelation of Robert Lloyd’s Nightingales. Feeding off the hard-drilled energy of the junior initiates, Apperley spins frayed Bo Diddley riffs around Lloyd’s tumbling psychedelic eavesdroppings, allowing the singer to recycle, reinvent and repurpose thirty years of vituperative notebook aphorisms, constructing an intense, breathless narrative from the recycled past to the scorched present. The cumulative effect is one of euphoric delight, of old knowledge in the hands of new disciples. Contender for gig of the year! – ANDREW MALE/MOJO, UK The ‘Gales are consistently one of the best live experiences in the country. Forty minutes segued together seamlessly, a cocktail of 60’s garage and psychedelia shaken up with krautrock. It’s heady, fresh and invigorating. – BRIGHTON NOISE, UK It’s thrilling to watch the songs’ complex arrangements come to life and the surplus of ideas on display is nothing short of dizzying. – LEWIS PORTEOUS/THE FLY, UK A loud, awkward, exciting live act. They were droll, surly, ace, a proper rock & roll group. – DAVID BENNUN/MAIL ON SUNDAY, UK A mean machine since returning to active duty. The blunt, raucous attack of their new album ‘No Love Lost’ was finessed into a seamless set of powering post-punk rock ‘n’ roll by a fiery unit who were totally in command. – FIONA SHEPHERD/THE SCOTSMAN, UK This is one of the best live bands in the UK at the moment. Fliss Kitson is one of the most amazing drummers you are ever likely to see . – GED BABEY/LOUDER THAN WAR, UK The Nightingales play with rock in a manner that is sometimes difficult, belligerent and downright confusing, but never fails to be utterly compelling. – SILENT RADIO, UK The Nightingales – they’re back and they’re marvellous – MARC RILEY/BBC 6 MUSIC, UKNightingales are unreal. The level of playing and songwriting after their post-punk hiatus is unparalled by any of their generational comeback cohorts – TERRE T/WFMU, USAWith The Fall getting Lifetime Achievement awards and Gang Of Four canonised it is long past time the wayward genius of Robert Lloyd and his cohorts was recognised – RECORD COLLECTOR, UKConsistently excellent, the Nightingales are back, as ferociously sardonic as ever. Nice to see them still mad, still funny,. still wrecking the furniture after all these years. – DUSTED, USA KRIMINAL HAMMOND INFERNO The Kriminal Hammond Inferno team sharpens its plan for global domination with Kriminal Dan (Vale Tudo Freefight drummer), Diabolix Sim (bankrupted steel industry magnat & organ addict) now joining forces with Doktor Konstantin Zoog (Hallucinated Fungi Farmer). They travel as an undercover band, mesmerizing audiences with subliminal brainwave parasite signals, hidden in pop tunes from the 17th century to 60’s & 70’s charts or obscure Italian Fumetti Soundtracks! EXPECT NO MERCY! Thanks for reading. I hope to hear from you as soon as possible. Regards. Alain Some Noise C/O Alain Bolle PO BOX 43 1050 Brussels 5 Belgium


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