I am booking some dates for the following artists: : ROLY PORTER, MOSKITOO, THE JIST.




Availability: June 2014

Territory: Europe




Availability: May 2014

Territory; Belgium


THE JIST (Norway)

Availability: March/Aoril 2014

Territory: Europe




Born in 1978, grew up in Sapporo, Japan, Moskitoo is a sound and graphic designer and vocalist based in Tokyo.


In 2007, Moskitoo released her debut album “Drape” on New York’s 12k, one of the most important labels for minimal electronica music in the world.

Moskitoo creates her own musical world using everyday instruments and objects like guitars, xylophones, and toys, to produce a style where electronic sounds and the harmonic layer of her unique voice meet.

Thanks to the great success of “Drape”, especially overseas, Moskitoo toured Japan as well as the world, playing 13 shows including France, Belgium, Switzerland, New York, Boston and Canada.

She was invited to various events including art festivals such as the Camera Japan Festival in Rotterdam, Netherlands and Send + Receive in Winnipeg, Canada, and a live studio session for Dutch National Radio. She did an Australia tour in 2011.

Subsequently, Moskitoo released “DRAPE REMIXES,” a remix e.p. with remixes by Taylor Deupree (12K), Frank Bretschneider (raster-noton) and Mark Fell (SND), and “Si Sol E.P.,” a 7 inch record in collaboration with Sanae Nishio, Japanese painter who contributed her work for the sleeve art.

Other Moskitoo work has ranged from music for the iPhone/iPad app “Night on the Galactic Railroad by Kenji Miyazawa: a Music Picture-book” to remix work worldwide.




Two years after his landmark debut Aftertime, former Vex’d member Roly Porter presents his second full length LP, Life Cycle Of A Massive Star.

The piece explores expansive scale and macroscopic processes through the thematic framework of the birth and death of a cosmic star system. The album is underpinned by a parallel investigation into the human response to this vast celestial order and its overarching dialogue with the infinitesimal lives we lead. The material considers the crucible of space as a poignant symbol of the brevity of existence and highlights humanity’s part as both observers and participants in an endless cosmic cycle of creation and destruction.

Whilst the album continues on from Porter’s previous work, through fractured eruptions and volcanic textures, it equally invokes a more historical mode of reflection. Enacting a distant remembrance of the history of electronic music and a dreamlike recollection of a Wagnerian landscape.



The Jist focuses on an electro-acoustic expression, and different types of interactions within the sound, aesthetics, and noise.



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Some Noise

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1050 Brussels 5






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