Dear all, I am booking some dates for COPPICE and GLITTER WIZARD. COPPICE (Usa) Availability: Between 27th June and 5th July Territory: Europe GLITTER WIZARD (Usa) Availability: 16th April 2014 Territory: Belgium COPPICE Coppice, the Chicago-­based duo of Joseph Kramer and Noé Cuéllar, have released a small but beautifully formed body of work showcasing unique instrumentation (bellows and electronics) and compositional practice. Big Wad Excisions builds on earlier experiments while tightening the focus and introducing new, unexpected elements. It also re-­launches the Quakebasket label, which after lying dormant for six years and relocating to Louisville, KY, is entering a riotous second phase. Using specific instrumental preparations and aiming for an “impression of transparency” in their music, Coppice’s compositions are drenched in both clarity and mystery. They squeeze full-­on velocity and lilting beauty out of instruments seen as discarded artifacts of unconsidered eras—huffing and cracking, puffing and firing. “Both of us are very focused on visceral ways of performing,” they reflect. “[We] let specific gestures and textural changes draw an audience into a special experience.” All throughout Big Wad Excisions, one hears music coming into being. Given the state of technology and society, no group should sound quite like Coppice does. However, the brilliance of their recent work has proven otherwise, blasting open the gates of the status quo and helping to redefine the future of music. Through their “sense of quiet risk” and their delicate balance of the transparent and the occluded, Coppice’s compositions parlay a double-­tease of seduction and nuance: the humming and wheezing of the universe, breath by bellow breath. GLITTER WIZARD They are playing at Roadburn this year. Praise for Glitter Wizard‘s Hunting Gatherers from San Francisco’s aQuarius Records: We thumbed up the spacey synthy glitter-glam garage retro not-really-metal of this SF band’s Siltbreeze 7″ a while back, but then somehow skipped over reviewing their subsequent full-length, and are even a little behind the times in getting to this new LP of theirs too, but that’s ok ’cause the Glitter Wizard guys are also behind the times. Or maybe way out futuristically in front, way out anyway, again using ’60s and ’70s rock inspirations like Deep Purple, Hawkwind, The Doors, Bloodrock, Black Widow, and Iron Butterfly to help formulate their super groovy, more wizardly-than-thou sound, one that’s got lotsa synth, jamming electric organ, some flute and sax. Along with catchy riffs and amusing lyrics, often gleefully unserious (“I don’t worship the Devil, the Devil worships me”). Our kind of entertainment! I hope to hear from you asap. Regards. Alain Some Noise C/O Alain Bolle PO BOX 43 1050 Brussels 5 Belgium


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