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I’m booking some dates for  A WITNESS, LLEROY and BINMATU




Territory: Europe

Availability: All week ends between late May and late June.

              Plus some avails in July and August


LLEROY (Italy)

Territory. Belgium

Availabilities: 11th and 13th June 2014



BINMATU (Slovakia)

Territories: Belgium, The Netherlands and Frence

Availabilities: Berween 13th and 17th March 2014





April 2014 will see the return to live performance of acclaimed indie band A WITNESS who will mark the 25th anniversary of the death of guitarist Rick Aitken with a series of concerts.

The line-up of the band – favourites of John Peel during the late 1980s who toured Europe extensively and released the classic album ‘I Am John’s Pancreas’ – will feature founder member and songwriter VINCE HUNT (bass) alongside guitarist Alan Brown (of Big Flame, The Great Leap Forward and one-time A Witness drummer. On vocals, new addition Crayola will replace original singer Keith Curtis while Rob Haynes of Goldblade will feature on drums.

The band are presently booked to play two London shows so far: with The Cravats on Saturday April 12th at The Buffalo Bar in Upper Street, Islington, London N1 and with The Wedding Present at Club 229 in London W1 on Saturday June 14th as part of the NME c86 re-release show.

Live UK shows throughout 2014 are being finalised in Glasgow, Nottingham and Birmingham with further dates later in the year. The band are also seeking dates across Europe and further afield as well as summer festival shows.

In a six-year career between 1983 and the death of guitarist Rick Aitken in 1989, A Witness released a critically acclaimed album ‘I Am John’s Pancreas’ and a series of 12” singles which made the NME charts as well as recording four sessions for John Peel. Their track ‘Sharpened Sticks’ was included on the original NME release C86 and Aitken’s death came just two weeks before the release of what would be their final single ‘I Love You, Mr Disposable Razors’. The band’s third and fourth Peel sessions were released as a double CD shortly afterwards.

Guitarist Rick Aitken was just 33 when he died in October 1989 in a climbing accident near Glen Coe, Scotland. The band has not performed since.

“Returning to live shows is an exciting prospect and it’s great to play the songs we wrote with Rick again,” said Hunt, who formed A Witness with Aitken in Stockport in 1982. “The songs are sounding great and this line-up is tight and keen to play. “I’m delighted that there’s still a lot of support and good feeling for the band, which is wonderful. It’ll be great to play songs which mean so much to me live again with such terrific musicians.”

Hunt and Haynes have formed the rhythm section of Inca Babies since 2008, while Brown and Crayola play together in Sarandon.

A Witness played at Alan McGee’s Living Room Club, The Bradford 1 in 12, Hull’s Unity Club and Thames Poly and across Europe before going on to appear with Swans, Sonic Youth, The Fall, The Three Johns, The Membranes, Nightingales, Bogshed and Ron Johnson labelmates Big Flame, Stump, The McKenzies and Twang.

A Witness biography and discography at

A Witness Facebook:




The new frontiers of noise in Italy pass through the obsessive and claustrophobic sound of Lleroy, a power-trio formed by Francesco Zocca (guitar, vocals), Chiara Antonozzi (bass, vocals) and Riccardo Ceccacci (drums). Five years after « Juice of Bimbo », the debut album, they publish the new « Soma », sounding even more heavy and dirty. Their (evident) influences are to be searched in the AmRep old school noise-punk, and in bands such as Jesus Lizard, Unsane, Cows and Cherubs.

This is their first tour outside the borders of Italy.




BINMATU is an audiovisual experience. Psychedelic auralism resonating from stellar atmospheres. Sound oscillates between physical and etheric with speed of quartz crystals. Fine tune your eyes and open your ears. Auditory cortex glitches may occur.


BINMATU is a project of Jonas Gruska. Born in Czechoslovakia. Recently studying composition in Krakow (PL) and Institute of Sonology in The Hague (NL). Works mostly with computers and electronics as a musician and sound artist. He has authored interactive poems and visual performances, and is also a developer of open source computer instruments and artistic software. Gave workshops on city sonification and programming for artists.

Performed and exhibited his work in Belgium, Czech Republic, Finland, Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia.



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I hope to hear from you asap.















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