Dear all, Three more offers for you to enjoy the week!! 🙂 SOVIET SOVIET and CHUCK JOHNSON SOVIET SOVIET (Italy)  + MICAH BLUE SMALDONE and TOM KOVACEVIC Availability: 21st May Territory: Belgium CHUCK JOHNSON (USA) Availability: Autumn 2014 Territory: Europe MICAH BLUE SMALDONE (USA) + TOM KOVACEVIC (USA) Availability: 3rd, 4th, 5th, 10th May 2014 Territory: Belgium SOVIET SOVIET Formed in 2008, Italian post-punk trio Soviet Soviet has been delving out their blend of gothy-post punk through a series of self-released singles that culminated in 2011 with their EP Summer, Jesus. Following Summer, Jesus, the band has backed their releases with a strong touring schedule supported by an intense DIY ethic. Now, the band has translated their signature live sound into their first studio album, Fate. Fate features a sound that makes clear connections to British post punk bands of the past such as Joy Division. The driving drum beats are carefully layered beneath both a warm, nearly synth like bass and hypnotically droning guitar to excellent effect. The band manages to combine this sound with vocals that are echoing and nearly shrill in nature to an effect very similar to goth rock bands of the past like Bauhaus. Tracks like “No Lesson”, “Ecstasy”, and “Hidden” all serve as prime examples of this from the album. Despite the overall gloomy nature of many of their songs, Soviet Soviet makes sure to infuse nearly every song on the album with a massive amount of energy in order to maintain avoid losing the audience’s attention as shown by tracks like “Something You Can’t Forget” and, one of my favorite tracks on the album, “Introspective Trip”. CHUCK JOHNSON huck Johnson is a composer and musician residing in Oakland, CA. He approaches his work with an ear towards finding faults and instabilities that might reveal latent beauty, with a focus on American Primitive fingerstyle guitar, experimental electronics, and minimalist composition. Recordings of his work have been published by Strange Attractors Audio House, Communion, Amish, Merge, Umbrella, Phaserprone, Squealer and Three Lobed. Johnson has performed with Eugene Chadbourne, Frank Gratkowsi, Peter Kowald, Miya Masaoka, and Pauline Oliveros, among others. He has performed at the Hopscotch Music Festival (Raleigh, NC), the San Francisco Electronic Music Festival, Siren Fest (New York), BENT (New York), the Festival of New American Music (Sacramento), Music for People and Thingamajigs (San Francisco), and the San Francisco International Film Festival. Johnson’s credits as a film composer include scores for several feature-length films, such as Brett Ingram’s award-winning Monster Road and Cynthia Hill’s Guestworker. In 2009 he received an MFA in Electronic Music and Intermedia Art from Mills College. Johnson views his current work – both electronic and acoustic – as folk minimalism. MICAH BLUE SMALDONE Micah Smaldone (born 1978) is an American singer, songwriter and guitarist based in Maine. He was a member of several New England area bands, and is best known for the solo music made under his given name, Micah Blue Smaldone. Smaldone was a founding member of the Pinkerton Thugs – an anarchist street punk band who played an integral part in the thriving mid-90’s Boston punk revival. He played in several other bands of different styles prior to becoming a solo performer around the turn of the century. TOM KOVACEVIC Ex-Cerberus Shoals + Alvarius B I look forwar to hearing from you asap. Regards. Alain Some Noise C/O Alain Bolle PO BOX 43 1050 Brussels 5 Belgium


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