Dear all,

I’am booking some dates for AGF, PATRICIA

AGF (Germany)
Territory: Europe
Availabikity: Between 7th and 12th June + between 16th and 23rd June 2014

Territory: Belgium
Availabilities= 30th + 31st March + 1st April + after 5th April 2014

Antye Greie aka AGF is a vocalist, musician, producer, and artist. She was
born and raised in East Germany and developed an early interest for music
and poetry and philosophy. She has been exploring speech and spoken word
combined with electronic music, as well as working on sound installations,
pop songs, calligraphy and her website
Greie performs as AGF (solo), AGF/DELAY (with Vladislav Delay), with
Zavoloka, The Dolls (with Vladislav Delay and Craig Armstrong), Laub (with
Jotka), and The Lappetites (with Eliane Radigue, Kaffe Matthews and Ryoko

Patricia’s warm, fuzzy post-techno-house slots neatly with the Opal Tapes
aesthetic on his debut album, ‘Body Issues’. Six tracks come off like a
boosted 1991 or Huerco S, pushing malleable bass hits below swirling
streaks of melody bursting with ferric quality. There’s firm parallels to
be made here with Anthony Naples, albeit with a noisier bent in ‘Hissy
Fit’, whilst on ‘Melting’ juicy acid forms over a brittle jack track and
the sweet-but-slamming ‘Jospehine’ and ‘Plural’ appear like some GHB
fantasy flashback of a warehouse rave in New York’s halcyon house daze.

I hope to hear from you soon.




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